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The Boiling Rock Warden is a minor antagonist in Avatar: The Last Airbender, serving as the main antagonist of the episode "The Boiling Rock". He is the cruel warden of the Boiling Rock prison.

He is voiced by Wade Williams.


The Warden first appears entering the Boiling Rock prison after riding on a gondola. He confronts Chit Sang in a cooler scolding him for attempting to "escape" the prison, even though Chit Sang claims that he was not trying to escape. The Warden warns him that no one has ever escaped Boiling Rock before, stating that he would rather jump into the boiling water surrounding the prison than let that record fall, telling him not to forget it before leaving him to freeze in the cooler some more.


The Warden is a very cruel being, having little to no problem with torturing prisoners in unpleasant ways. He is very strict about keeping the Boiling Rock prison in shape and will cruelly punish any prisoner who attempts to escape, as shown by how he allowed Chit Sang to freeze in the cooler after berating him for trying to escape, even though Chit Sang tried to convince him that he did not. He displayed more of this strict side when he told a bunch of new prisoners that the horrible rumors they may have heard about the prison do not have to be true as long as they do everything he says, then immediately demanding Hakoda to look at him in the eye and when he didn't, he threw him to the floor.

He can be polite when he wants to as shown when he asked Chit Sang if he was comfortable while in the interrogation room before knocking his chair down with him on it repeating the same question. This was also shown when he greeted a bunch of new war prisoners, while afterwards warning them to do everything he said. However, he can also be short-tempered and somewhat ruthless as well which was displayed when, after being humiliatingly tripped by Hakoda, he told his guards to get him and the other new prisoners out of his sight.

However, despite his cruel nature, the Warden does appear to care for his niece, Mai, as displayed while the prison was on a riot, he sent a guard to protect her. He also calmly scolded Zuko for breaking her heart, keeping him in the interrogation room in order for Mai to confront him. He also clearly has respect for royalty as shown when he immediately bowed down to Azula when he saw her, telling her it is an honor to welcome her to the prison afterwards.

The Warden is also shown to be intelligent and clever, figuring out that Chit Sang and his cronies were not intelligent enough to come up with the escape plan they attempted, and began interrogating him on who did. However, at the same time, he can be rather gullible, which was displayed when he instantly believed Chit Sang when he pointed to a guard and telling him he was the mastermind behind the plan, unaware that he was lying, until Azula told him.

He is also shown to be arrogant, cocky, and egotistical, occasionally bragging that no one has ever escaped Boiling Rock before and that he will ensure that that record will not be broken. He also displayed this side while confronting Hakoda, telling him that he is aware of his strong-willed nature and that he will get rid of that sooner. He is shown to be determined in ensuring that no one will escape Boiling Rock, sometimes warning his prisoners no one has escaped the Boiling Rock prison before. His determination increases to suicidal levels, as shown when while being held hostage by Sokka, Hakoda, Zuko, and Chit Sang in order to escape, after freeing his mouth from the scarf they gagged him with, he immediately ordered the guards to cut the line carrying the gondola they were on, knowing he would die in the boiling water below.

His arrogance proved to be his downfall as he underestimated Sokka, Hakoda, Zuko, and Chit Sang, believing they would never escape, only to be proven wrong once they make it out of Boiling Rock prison, thus breaking the record of no one being ever able to escape the prison.

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