Bokhohn is one of the main antagonists from Romancing SaGa 2.


Bokhohn is one of the Seven Heroes, having actually manipulated the other members into allowing him to join the group, being an expert tactician and manipulator. Upon the Heroes' return, Bokhohn sets himself on the Steppe region, where he builds a huge landship to serve as his base of operations.

Of all the Seven Bokhohn is the most active in the story, having his minions build a fortress close to Avalon to stage a eventual invasion, sending his monsters to dig a tunnel beneath the Great Wall which protects Cumberland, as well as kidnapping the people from the town of Miles and the nomads who inhabit the Steppe to serve as slaves on his ship and taking the herbs used by the nomads to create drugs. When the player first reaches the nomad's settlement their leader will tell about the landship and suggest they attack it, but the ship starts moving when they approach it. 

There are two ways to enter the landship. In the first, the player can visit Miles and allow himself to be captured, but Bokhohn's minions will remove all the player's equipment and items. The correct method involves talking with the Tactician in the Avalon University, who will then elaborate a plan invade the ship. He starts building a Landship for the Empire, but instead of using it to attack Bokhohn's landship it serves as a decoy to lure Bokhohn's minions away from the landship, allowing the Emperor to invade it without resistance and confront Bokhohn directly.  

Once confronted, Bokhohn pretends to not be the real one and surrender. If the player falls for it he will just mock and attack the player from behind. Once he is defeated the Steppe region is liberated and joins the Empire. Like the other Heroes, his soul returns later as they all fuse together for the final fight.


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