The Bolt Guard is a team of Black Hole COs led by Von Bolt that took leadership of the nation sometime after the death of previous Black Hole leader, Sturm. They serve as the main antagonist of the game, Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

They all answer directly to Von Bolt and, in addition to being COs, also act as his bodyguards.


After taking control of Black Hole, the Bolt Guard led an invasion of the continent of Omega Land to deplete its energy so their leader, Von Bolt could gain immortality.

When Hawke discovered Von Bolt's true identity, the Bolt Guard sent Oozium-238s after him and Lash. Von Bolt was eventually killed, though it is unknown what the fates of the other Bolt Guard members were.


Von Bolt

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The founder of the Bolt Guard and the new leader of Black Hole in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. He is a decrepit old man attached to a life support chair who seeks to gain immortality by sucking up the Earth's life force. In order to achieve his goal of becoming immortal, Von Bolt had the Black Hole conquer the continent of Omega Land.


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A Black Hole CO and member of the Bolt Guard who serves Von Bolt's second-in-command. She is the secondary antagonist of Advance Wars: Dual Strike. She behaves like a stereotypical noblewoman, acting extremely vain and belittling those beneath her, as well as threatening her underlings.



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A robot CO who is a member of Black Hole and the Bolt Guard. He is a major antagonist in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.


Jugger's origins and how he joined Black Hole are unknown. He is shown to speak in various computer like phrases, using words like "rebooted" and gauging things in percents.

A popular theory is that Jugger is actually a roboticized Flak.


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Another CO for Black Hole and a member of the Bolt Guard. He is a major antagonist in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. He appears to be based off of Chinese general and historical figure Sun Tzu.

He assisted Black Hole in the army's invasion of the continent of Omega Land. It is stated that he is always planning a destructive attack. He claims that he is both a warrior and a scholar.


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