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Boltz (in Japanese: ボルツ, Borutsu) is an anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star. He serves as the Blue Light general of Gento Koken and replaces Jakoh's younger son named Sheeno.

He was voiced by Yōsuke Akimoto.


Boltz is first seen silhouetted in episode 114 among the Gento Koken fighters seeking to avenge Solia by hunting down Kenshiro.

In episode 116, Boltz and Taiga are ordered to keep close eyes on Shoki and Falco by their boss, Jakoh.

In episode 118, Boltz is seen alongside Taiga guarding Jakoh and remind Falco that Jakoh is the Celestial Emperor's viceroy. When he learns that Falco didn't kill Shoki outright, Boltz throws a spear into Shoki who was being ferried out through the canal. He is then ordered to keep a closer watch on Falco. At his fortress, serving as one of the Celestial Capital's checkpoints, Boltz orders his men to raise his flag and lights it on fire as a warning to the Hokuto Army.

Just then, Kenshiro throws Boltz's spear at the Blue Light General to show he would never forgive him. In the following episode, Boltz starts his fight by throwing a Gento Seiko Hiken light spear at the Hokuto Shinken user. After warning he can't stop the Celestial Emperor, Boltz fires a Gento Hyakusen Soukon barrage, cutting Kenshiro a few times. However, Kenshiro stops one of the Gento spears and barrages Boltz with a one-handed Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken sending him flying into the gate and he as inflate and exploding, clearing the first checkpoint for the Hokuto Army.

In the Hokuto no Ken 2 Famicom video game, Boltz makes an appearance. However, his role in murdering Shoki is restored to Sheeno.

Powers and Abilities

Boltz's usage of Gento Koken allows him to fire blue lights like spears.


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