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Bolverk, also known as the Demon Warrior, is a revengeful demon knight who once fought and lost against the legendary demon knight Sparda and a minor villain in Devil May Cry 2. He holds a definite vendetta against Sparda and even his family including his own son, the devil hunter Dante himself. He is served by Freki and Geri, wolf-like servant-demons that may be reincarnated figures of warriors whom Bolverk fought alongside.


Bolverk is a skeletal demon warrior with a scarred eye that is said to possess both knowledge and hatred and his body is covered by a dark aura. And he wields a spear-like sword that he uses in battles.



Bolverk was a most fierce warrior that the Demon World has ever produced. His skills in swordsmanship were once unmatched.

But one day during the time of two demon masters Mundus and Argosax that were unleashing their own legions of devils onto the Earth, Bolverk challenged the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda who betrayed the Demon World and fought with the humans. The two great demon warriors fought, and Bolverk lost.

He sworn a vendetta against Sparda and his descendants. Bolverk will not rest until his honor is restored and the last of Sparda's bloodline has been erased.

Bolverk's Revenge


After Dante first defeats Freki and Geri before entering the streets of Uroboros City, they return to Bolverk, waiting atop a skyscraper.

Bolverk later reappears in the underground temple ruin, where he challenges Dante to a duel. Dante chases him off and continues through the ruin, eventually meeting with Lucia after she retrieve the last of the Arcanas.

Bolverk later reappears as Dante climbs Arius's skyscraper at the center of Uroboros City, and this time Dante destroys him.

Powers and Abilities

Bolverk is a powerful demon. He wield great physical strength, speed, and endurance. He can generate dark energy out of his left arm, and is a skilled swordsmen. He also can summon two wolf demons; Freki and Geri to aid him in a fight.



  • In Norse Mythology, [[[Wikipedia:Bolverk|Bolverk]] is an alias Odin once took while in his human disguise. Freki and Geri are two wolves that acted as companions to Odin. Traditionally, Odin only has one eye, a fact reflected by Bolverk's unevenly shaped eyes. Bolverk's usage of a spear also matches Odin's Gungnir in terms of similar weaponry. The Gungnir is known as the "Swaying One". The only difference is that Bolverk has his spear shaped like a large blade.
  • As a boss, Bolverk fights very similarly to Nelo Angelo.
  • When Bolverk uses his Stinger-like fighting move, Dante is able to stand on his sword.
  • It is not made clear if Bolverk serves Arius or if he acts on his own terms.
  • Bolverk's skeletal appearance may also be a reference to the Draugr, a race of intelligent undead Vikings from Norse mythology who possessed numerous supernatural abilities (such as driving people and animals insane, shape shifting, or increasing in size) guarded treasures they were entrusted with (and punished those who tried to steal it), and took great pleasure in killing their victims either by devouring or mutilating them with weapons. (Bolverk crumbling into ash after being killed by Dante is likely a reference to this).
  • It was said (as shown from the Japanese translation of his Enemy File in Devil May Cry 2) that originally the demon Bolverk was called by his displeasing discarded alias "King of Frontier Gods" during the early days of the Vie de Marli region and its growing culture, but after falling in the war between mankind and demons, Bolverk was reincarnated as an evil spirit.


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