Bolverk with Freki & Geri.

Bolverk is the demon worrior who once fought and lost against the legendary demon knight Sparda. He fights with an extendable sword-like spear and an aura of darkness, and his single eye possesses both knowlege and hatred. He is the boss for Mission 11 and Mission 16 of Dante's scenario in Devil May Cry 2 which he was a minor villain with a definite vendetta against Sparda and even his family including his own son, the devil hunter Dante himself.

He is a skeletal demon warrior who is driven to seek revenge against Sparda's heir, Dante. He is served by Freki and Geri, wolf-like servant-demons that may be reincarnated figures of warriors whom Bolverk fought alongside.


Devil May Cry 2


After Dante first defeats Freki and Geri before entering the streets of Uroboros City, they return to Bolverk, waiting atop a skyscraper.

Bolverk later reappears in the underground temple ruin, where he challenges Dante to a duel. Dante chases him off and continues through the ruin, eventually meeting with Lucia.

Bolverk later reappears as Dante climbs Arius's tower, and this time Dante destroys him. It is not made clear if Bolverk serves Arius or not.


As a boss, Bolverk fights very similarly to Nelo Angelo.


In Norse Mythology, Bolverk is an alias Odin once took while masquerading as a human. Freki and Geri are two wolves that acted as companions to Odin.

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