Bomb Shell is a minor antagonist of Skylanders: Trap Team.

he was voiced by Greg Ellis.


Skylanders: Trap Team

Bomb Shell first appears when he was encountered on the Chef Zeppelin, possibly as one of Chef Pepper Jack's henchmen, as he leads the Skylanders on a chase across the deck. Bomb Shell was cornered near the end of the deck as he was taken down and trapped. Bomb Shell also had a quest to blow up one of many Troll factories.

Skylanders Academy

Bomb Shell first appeared in the episode The Skylands Are Falling, where he...


  • So far, Bomb Shell, Pain-Yatta, and Rage Mage are the only Magic Villains in the Skylanders series.
  • Bomb Shell could be a reference to the mine turtles from asdfmovie. 
  • Bomb Shell is one of the three trappable villains to say "heads up" (the other trappable villains are Hood Sickle, and Dreamcatcher


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