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Bombaata is the secondary antagonist of Conan the Destroyer, the 1984 sequel to the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian.

He was portrayed by the former famous basketball player Wilt Chamberlain.


Bombaata was the captain of Queen Taramis' Elite Guard and the protector of Jehnna. He accompanied the princess on her quest to obtain the horn of Dagoth, during which time he was ordered by the Queen to kill Conan.

His first attempt, where he was assisted by his men in a sneak attack, failed, and Bombaata was forced to make it seem as if his men had been acting against his orders.

He made a second attempt after Jehnna acquired the horn and took both Jehnna and the horn back to Shadizar. When Conan and his party snuck into the palace to rescue Jehnna and stop the resurrection of Dagoth, Bombaata personally opposed Conan.

After a bloody battle inside the palace during the cultic ceremony of Dagoth's awakening, Bombaata finally was killed when Conan stabbed him in the stomach with his own knife.


  • In thw Robert E. Howard books, Bombaata was one of Imbalayo black mercenaries.
  • He was killed by Masdak in the novelette "Hawks Over Shem" by L. Sprague de Camp.