Bomberhead is the second boss in the NES version of Ninja Gaiden.



Bomberhead was born and raised in the South Bronx of New York City. His upbringing was harsh and he was forced to resort to criminal activity to make his ends meet. He witnessed many brutal events during his childhood. As a result of the events, Bomberhead became a criminal when he was an adult. He started a criminal reputation which grew as years passed. Eventually, Bomberhead's reputation reached the point where he was feared by everyone in New York City. He was nicknamed New York's Lord of Evil.

Main Story

Eventually, Bomberhead was recruited by an evil sorcerer named Jaquio. He became one of Jaquio's lieutenants. One day, Jaquio sent Bomberhead to kill the ninja known as Ryu Hayabusa, the son of Ken Hayabusa who was struck down by Bloody Malth, another of Jaquio's lieutenants. Bomberhead searched and found Ryu in a deserted shrine: instead of going after Ryu, Bomberhead figured Ryu would come to him. Ryu stumbled upon Bomberhead, exactly as the thug predicted that the ninja would.

Upon seeing Ryu, Bomberhead immediately attacked by using his chain and sickle. Ryu dodged the attack and fought back. After a long fight, Ryu managed to kill Bomberhead and proceeded to head to his father's accomplice named Dr. Smith in order to discover why he is being stalked and the reason behind his father's demise.

Bomberhead's criminal reputation slowly diminished as the result of his death.


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