The Bomberman Gang are the main antagonistic team of the games Bomberman (TG-16) and Bomberman '93.

They were introduced as villains in the two games. However, they completely redeemed themselves and act as heroes in the other games.


Bomberman (TG-16)

After Black Bomberman kidnapped Dr. Mitsumori's daughter, Lisa, and escaped to the Mechanical Castle, White Bomberman and the gang confront, and White Bomberman defeats them.

In the battle, Black has a shield that protects him from bomb attacks, and the others can transform into a fireball and attack the White Bomberman via fire.

Bomberman '93

Black Bomberman steals seven vital chips from the pan-galactic bureau's mother computer, shutting it down. And, White confronts him and his gang again.

The others will come with their motorbikes and attack White Bomberman.

They can be defeated with two hits in the both of the battles.



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