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Villain Overview

~ Bon.
~ Bon.

Bon the Bunny is the main antagonist of analog horror web series The Walten Files.

He is the titular mascot of the Bon's Burgers restaurant and one of The Showstoppers. After the disappearance of Jack Walten, the company's co-founder, Bon inexplicably turned from a friendly animatronic performer to a remorseless murderer, who kills to preserve the faux innocence of Felix Kranken, Jack's former best friend.

He is voiced by Brazzzy/Sadie.


In his normal animatronic form, Bon is a large, humanoid rabbit colored blue with white highlights. He has green eyes and a large mouth with long and almost sharp teeth, with the closest thing he has for clothing being a red bowtie and a black button on his chest.

In his current form, Bon looks broken down, having dark gray colors and holes throughout his body. His eyes are very small and sometimes not even visible. His limbs in most appearances are usually covered in blood, due to freshly murdering someone.

In his cartoon form, Bon has a simplistic and round design, with his limbs and body all being oval shaped, with similar colorings to his animatronic form. The style he's drawn in is intentionally childish and soft, and meant to appeal to younger children.


Bon is much more of a force than a personality, only following the will of his creator to kill those needed to hide his mistakes. He is a ruthless and violent killer, going out of his way to make sure his victims are dead, leaving them unrecognizable to both the world, and themselves.

This transformation, changing someone irreversibly through his process, is something he calls "becoming beautiful." Whether this means being in a post-mortem existence, realizing more than anyone alive could ever imagine, or becoming fused with the animatronics, is unclear. What is clear, is that Bon will use whatever method he can employ in order to achieve this beauty.

In his animated appearances in shows and video games, Bon is shown to be the typical "cocky protagonist" archetype, with him confidently leading his group, and regularly berating Banny for her cartoonish mistakes.

Powers and Abilities

Bon is very skilled in murder and dismemberment, and it's implied that he has superhuman, or at least, very high levels of strength, in order to achieve what he achieves. He is also implied to have very sharp claws, being able to dismember a person with his bare hands.

He may have telepathic abilities or some similar form of ethereal communication, as he can project his being into videotapes and video games, and interact within their confines, but in a very limited sense compared to most of the beings within The Walten Files.


  • Bon, as well as The Walten Files as a whole, despite being an original work, took heavy inspiration from the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, and more specifically the fan-made FNaF VHS series by Squimpus McGrimpus. Bon himself seems to be based on Bonnie the Bunny.
    • He even appeared in an animation by Memebear, another popular FNaF VHS creator.
    • In fact, the creator of the series confirmed that Fazbear Entertainment does exist in The Walten Files canon, but was never affected by the tragic events of the main franchise, and thus can be presumed to be a normal pizzeria chain.
  • It is heavily implied throughout the series that Bon is possessed by Jack Walten. Evidence to support this comes from the fact that Jack is mostly associated with Bon when he appears in the tapes, implying that Bon is his vessel and that he's out for revenge against Felix for the deaths of his children, Edd and Molly. In Bunnyfarm, Bon is shown to be breathing in the Banny minigame, and once he gives Banny a gift (a reference to both the minigames from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and the gift being the soul of Susan Woodings), Banny starts to breath similarly, confirming that Bon is indeed possessed, with Jack being the most likely and most popular candidate.
  • Bon has a consistent behavior before and after he murders. He shakes violently and covers his face, almost cowering.


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