Bonecrunching Giant will be galloping off to Turkey, of course
~ The BFG

The Bonecruncher, also known as the "Bonecrunching Giant", is a disgusting Giant and one of the 9 Giants that torment the BFG in the Giant Country in the book The BFG by Roald Dahl.


The Bonecruncher is clearly a very famous and formidable Giant because the BFG is afraid of him and his insatiable appetite for human bones. The Bonecruncher likes snaking in his arm through bedroom windows at night, and then grabbing out children to eat, and snaking them back into his jaws and crunching their bones in the most sadistic and gruesome manner possible. The Bonecruncher apparently loves humans from Turkey because, apparently, humans from Turkey taste of turkey.

The Bonecruncher makes an appearance in the book when he clusters round the BFG with his band of Giants, mocking and laughing at the poor giant. The Bonecruncher accuses him of sheltering a human (Sophie) in his cave, but the BFG bravely says this is a lie.

Once the Giants get bored, the Bonecruncher is one that tosses the BFG around like a tennis ball.

Later in the book, the BFG extracts petty vengeance by blowing a nightmare into Fleshlumpeater's nose, and this causes the terrifying Giant leader to start a fight with the others, including the Bonecruncher.

When the Giants recover and gallop off to England to eat humans, Sophie inspires the BFG to stop this evil and recruits the Queen of England and her soldiers to catch the Giants. The Bonecruncher is taken by surprise in the middle of a pleasant dream about eating humans, and he yells that he is "swogswalloped" upon being flown back to England.

Along with the other eight Giants the Bonecruncher is imprisoned in a gigantic pit and made to eat Snozzcumbers as punishment for his heinous crimes.



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