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Bones Darly is the boss of the Darley Gang and the main antagonist of Death Sentence.

He was portrayed by John Goodman, who also played Layton T. Montgomery in The Bee Movie.


The Darley Gang

Bones Darley himself had been the leader of the Darley Gang since its formation in the late 1970's. He kept the gang's operations to chop shops, protection rackets and weapons selling.

It was never until the 2000's that his son Billy Darley started getting the gang heavily involved in drugs. Bones led the gang from his office at his chop shop, Bones' Bodyshop and Billy ran the gang on the streets.

Joe Darley

Bones did not have any part in the killing of the teenager Brendan Hume and was only annoyed by the police attention it brought. When Nick killed Joe Darley for his older son's murder, he did not seem to care and wanted to focus on business instead of revenge against Nick.

As the gang started attacking Nick and it started interfering with the gang's business Bones wanted Nick dead so he could get back to business. After the gang thought they had killed Nick Hume, things seemed to calm down until he escaped from the hospital he was in and went to visit Bones to get weapons. Nick bought guns from Bones although Bones knew he was the one who was trying to kill his son. He told Nick that he did not care if he killed Billy, although he was lying.

Later, after Nick began attacking the gang, Bones confronts Billy in a parking garage and tells him that Nick is trying to kill him. As Bones gets angrier at Billy, Billy shoots Bones and takes his car. At this point, Billy became the ruling leader of the Darley Gang although the gang ceased to exist after most of their members were killed by Nick later that night.

Bones did not care about his sons much and only cared about making money. He had a temper and went off on Billy almost every time he talked to him. His temper led Billy to kill him because he realized that he did not care about getting revenge against Nick and only wanted him dead so he could get on with business.