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Well, look who's dared to show up; Miss Angelica-Jinx! Watch out everybody! Don't get too close or something terrible will happen to you!
~ Bonnie mocking Angelica

Bonnie is a villain from the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends series, appearing in a flashback in the episode. She was once the bully of Angelica Jones, also known as Firestar.


Throughout childhood, Bonnie had nothing but disdain for Angelica, always referring to her as a "jinx" because bad things always usually happen around her. In reality, these were results of her untamed pyrokinetic abilities.

While in high school, Bonnie decided to get rid of Angelica once and for all with the help of her boyfriend, Jay. Jay would distract Angelica while Bonnie stole the cup to the big football game coming up using the key that the dean entrusted to Angelica, causing her to be suspended. The next phase of Bonnie's plan was for Jay to plant the cup in Angelica's locker, thus completely convicting Angelica. However, Angelica learned of this plot and turned it against Bonnie by creating the new persona, Firestar. During the game, Firestar forced Bonnie to admit her crime while also publicly humiliating her, as well as capture Jay just before he could plant the cup. Exposed for their crimes, the dean expels both Bonnie and Jay from the school.