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Bonnie Galinetti

Bonnie Galinetti is the main antagonist from "Chip/Tuck", episode 7.21 of CSI: Miami.

She was portrayed by Brooke Burns.


Bonnie Galinetti is the mother of Lucas Galinetti, and the lover of her plastic surgeon named Dr. Ethan Reeger. She started out as a patient of Ethan's, with their relationship progressing along with her new appearance. Bonnie was very much in love with Ethan, who reciprocated her feelings, but when visiting Ethan's office, she found out a shocking truth: Ethan made Bonnie look just like his wife, Marni, who was tragically killed in a car accident 2 years prior. His immense grief led him to become emotionally and mentally unstable and perform the procedures on Bonnie to make her look like Marni, and it was revealed that Bonnie wasn't his first attempt, as he tried to do so with a patient named Elizabeth Corbett.

Bonnie's elation and confidence over her new look turned into anger, as she realized that Ethan love for her was solely due to her new resemblance to Marni. She later followed Ethan to Elizabeth's house to confront him over what he had done, and after seeing an operating wood chipper behind her, she intended on committing suicide by jumping in, doing to force Ethan to live what he had done. Ethan pleaded with Bonnie not to do it, but while doing so, he called her by his late wife's name, which angered Bonnie to the point where she tossed Ethan inside the wood chipper, killing him instantly.

Among the many suspects in Ethan's murder was Lucas, who admitted to tracking down Ethan after learning that he was dating his mother, but he arrived to find the scene of Ethan's murder. After finding a hair mite on the body, Elizabeth was suspected due to the fact that she wore a wig because of her surgeries damaging her hair, but she was eliminated when the wig was revealed to be made from synthetic hair. It was not Ryan Wolfe and Calleigh Duquesne found photos of Marni that Bonnie was revealed as the villainess, as they quickly pointed out their resemblance.

Bonnie was interrogated by Calleigh and Eric Delko, with the latter inspecting Bonnie's hair and uncovering that mites were inside, revealing that Ethan used hair from a cadaver to provide Bonnie's extensions (though it was never revealed if Ethan actually used Marni's hair). After freaking out about the mites, the evil Bonnie confessed to killing Ethan after ranting about being made to look like his late wife, while also worrying about Lucas' well-being without her in his life. Following the reveal, Bonnie was then arrested for her crimes (though it was seen off-screen).


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