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Boogal (in Japanese: ブーガル, Būgaru) is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star, serving under Ken-Oh. He was given control over a village containing a large water supply.

He was voiced by Masaharu Satō.


Boogal is first seen attacking and killing two villagers, angry about Boogal's misuse of their water supply via Tenkai Muo Ken. The tyrant then spots his hands dirtied by their blood and demands his bath. Under their master's orders, the goons prepare his bath and Boogal bathes to his pleasure.

Later, Boogal sees how the villagers are unhappy with their water rations and decides to halve them. The desperate villager elder tries to plead with the dictator, but Boogal decides to forcefeed the elder his bathwater knowing it will drown him. He then throws the elder out without killing him.

Boogal's goons then try to forcefeed Kenshiro, but he knocks them into the water and kills them with Hokuto Shinken. Ken then warns Boogal to leave, but the water-obssessed man insists on amusing himself at the expense of the villagers. With his goons getting dispatched, Boogal tries to hit the Hokuto Shinken user with the Tenkai Sessho Ken flying kick.

Kenshiro dodges it, and knocks the villain away, before devastating more of Boogal's ranks. Then, Boogal hides by masking his body odor. Just as Boogal bursts out of the ground, Kenshiro kicks him in the face.

The angry Boogal tries to use an axe on his enemy, but his legs suddenly walk backwards on their own, with Kenshiro explaining he hit a power point that makes him walk until he falls into his bath. Boogal then tries to get help, but Kenshiro tells the villain to use the last seven seconds of his life to cleanse his misdeeds before going to hell. After a moment of struggling, Boogal explodes making a watery explosion in the process.

Powers and Abilities

Boogal relies on Tenkai Muo Ken which allows him to use rolling attacks on enemies. As he often bathes, he can also hide his body odor to strike out from hidden places.


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