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The Boogeyman is a villain in the adventure video-game Kings Quest VII: The Princeless Bride and often he tries to capture or kill Rosella.


The Boogeyman roams all of Ooga Booga Land, a strange parallel-world, and is regarded by many Kings Quest fans as one of the more fearsome antagonists in the series. He often appears out of the ground with a theme song that ends as he's about to attack either Valanice or Rosella, and can only be stopped if Rosella disguises herself as the weeping woman. He seems to show feelings for the weeping woman but has little regard for anyone else. At some point in the game, if the player disguise themself as Lady Tsepish and stay in one place too long, the Boogeyman will appear just like all the other times they decide to stay in one place, and instead of giving the player ten seconds to run he'll talk to "Lady Tsepish" and ask if she'll stop grieving over Count Tsepish and "run away" with him. Rosella/Tsepish will tell him to go away and he does - by jumping like he would when attacking the main characters.

It is revealed that the Boogeyman was the one who burned down the Tsepish house and also killed Count Tsepish's dog - who tried in vain to defend his home. He is one of Malicia's, villainess and evil fairy, henchmen as well. He kept King Otar Fenris III imprisoned in his home under the deadfall of Ooga Booga under her orders and allowed him to rule over the land until Count Vladmir Tsepish is restored. She also sends him to kill Princess Rosella.


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