The Boogieman is an evil entity who appears as the main antagonist in the third era of Gorillaz.

He appeared in three music videos. He is first seen as the secondary antagonist in Stylo, the main antagonist in On Melancholy Hill, and had a minor cameo in Do Ya Thing.



He appears in Stylo as a minor and mysterious figure who appears towards an injured police officer who was taken down by Cyborg Noodle shortly prior to his arrival. He is seen taking the police officer away and vanishing into black fog.

On Melancholy Hill

He later appears as the main antagonist in this video when he is seen after kidnapping a crying manatee and placing it on top of Melancholy hill. He leads the band and several others towards the hill throughout the video. Cyborg Noodle fires two shots at him which causes him to flee, grabbing the manatee with him into the water below.

After his fog disappears everyone discovers the plastic beach.

Rhinestone Eyes

He later appears in the Rhinestone Eyes storyboard, leading the black fogs attack on plastic beach,and his backstory is explained: he was a rejected 5th horseman of the apocalypse ("flatulence") and helped murdoc with the band's sucess.he gives up trying to take murdoc's soul after the black fogs' defeat.

Do Ya Thing

In Do Ya Thing he is seen reading a newspaper and later glaring at 2D when he walks into the room.



  • He possibly hired Bruce Willis to kill Murdoc since his original plan was to steal Murdoc's soul.
  • Murdoc describes him as the essence of everything bad in the world in one person.
  • He is the most dangerous and evil out of all of the Gorillaz villains.
  • His design heavily resembles a plague doctor.