Bookburner is a powerful villain from the Fables universe. He is one of the Literals, a group of godlike beings who are related to Fables but have a much greater scope - embodying literal ideas while Fables exist as characters within such fiction: Bookburner (by very design) is a dire threat to all Fables and one of the more wicked Literals. He is the main villain of Jack: Fables issues 17 to 32


Bookburner is the son of Kevin Thorn and the brother of Revise, having a deep resentment of his brother for taking Prose he was seen as the greater of two evils by his father - yet loved regardless. Like most Literals he seeks to get rid of magic in the world but takes a more extreme stand than Revise, burning books so as to effectively erase Fables - though in a truly wicked twist he claims to keep some copies of the books he burns so as to gain influence with any surviving Fables and compel them to do his will.

Powers and Abilities

Bookburner was a powerful entity, embodying a literal idea - this puts him above Fables in scale of power and gave him a myriad array of godlike powers, by far his most feared ability was that he could burn books, in essence killing the Fables attached to the stories within.. he did so regularly but was said to keep small copies for himself in a "private collection", granting him immense control and influence over the Fables that survived in his personal "collection".


  • His name is based on the practice of "Book Burning", seen by many as an extremely oppressive tool of control and intolerance - the practice was given much infamy due to its inclusion in the Third Reich as one of the many means the Nazi Party kept control over media, destroying what they deemed as "deviant" materials.
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