Boom and Bewm Borderlands

Boom (left) and Bewm (right)

Time to boom!
~ Boom and Bewm

Boom and Bewm are the first bosses in Borderlands 2. They are the first mates of the bandit leader Captain Flynt. Boom and Bewm are fought during the mission "Best Minion Ever".

They were both voiced by Eric Vale.


Boom and Bewm are two psychotic bandit brothers who work under the fearsome Captain Flynt. Boom and Bewm are known for being obsessed with explosion in every sentence they speak it involves the word "Boom". Bombs and other explosive devises are their favorite method of killing people.

Boom likes to use his turret gun called Big Bertha to blow away his enemies, but once Big Bertha takes enough damage, he will begin to chase after his opponent. Bewm will start right away chasing after his victims and toss his grenades at them.

Boom and Bewn first appear guarding Flynt's freighter, attacking the Vault Hunters when they approach. Killing one of the two will make the other call in two psychos for backup. Once Boom and Bewn are killed after their battle with them, they drop grenade mods. Using Big Bertha will blast through a gate leading into the freighter.


Boom is a normal sized man in a yellow Marauder outfit, while Bewm is one of the many psycho midgets with a shotgun and jetpack.


  • Bewm made a cameo in Tales From The Borderlands as a dead body.
  • They both speak at the same time.
  • Killing the two without taking damage from Big Bertha completes the "Make Boom Go Boom" challenge, rewarding five Badass Points.
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