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The Boom Brothers are a pair of robots that appeared in the Skylanders novel Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers, who serve as the main antagonists of the story alongside Kaos.

In the Story

The Boom Brothers were responsible for creating the Floss-O-Tron 3000 and other explosive merchandise. When the Skylanders discovered a clue regarding the existence of the Boom Brothers, they set out to the Explosive Emporium where they believed Kaos had taken Rocky. Unfortunately, both the Boom Brothers and Kaos had prepared a trap for the heroes, soon having the Skylanders dance uncontrollably to music-making dynamite conjured by the robot duo called disco dynamite. However Sonic Boom managed to outscream the music and knock out the Boom Brothers and drive Kaos out before locking themselves inside the room, which was later revealed to be a large rocket.

The Boom Brothers soon recovered from the attack and held Hot Dog hostage, threatening the Skylanders to surrender or the robots would detonate the whole room using a pineapple grenade. Terrafin pretended to surrender to the Boom Brothers, tricking them into arguing with one another until one of the brothers forced the pineapple grenade down his sibling's throat, causing them both to explode.

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