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Boomer, don't let it puke on you.
~ Zoey to the Boomer.
They've been calling those Boomers. For obvious reasons.
~ Rochelle about the Boomers.

The Boomer are one of the supporting antagonists in the videogames Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2.

The Boomer is an extremely fat and bloated Special infected whose mutation has granted it the ability to vomit on Survivors, temporarily blinding them and summoning a small horde of infected.

In Left 4 Dead 2 his has a female counterpart Dub "Boomette".


In both games, the Boomer has short hair and wears a blue shirt and baggy brown pants that are stained with puke and sweat. The shirt and pants barely even fit the Boomers enormous body, implying that when they were humans before the infection, they were smaller and skinnier. The Boomer, when idle, makes gurgling and burping noises that change to loud groans when it spots a Survivor.

When the Survivors are out of puking-range, the Boomer will attempt to stalk the group. At closer distance, the Boomer will get into ambushing position until the Survivors are close enough. However, the Boomers loud groaning noises can give the Boomer's position away and alow a group of Survivors to track it down and kill it (Boomers are one of the weakest Special infected, with only 50 HP, which is as much health as a Common infected on Normal mode).

The Boomer has undergone extreme external and internal mutations, with the most notable observation being it's fat and bloated belly. The sheer tension of the Boomer's skin and organs has resulted in a breakdown of the epidermal and dermal layers, causin the skin to become soft and fragile. This buildup has resulted in it being very vulnerable to physicle attacks, as even the slightest gunshot would or melee shove will result in the Boomer exploding viloently (hence it's name). Even so, the Boomer can pull off self-directed physical activities, such as jumping from a high height, without injury.

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