Boots a Simple Wish

Boots is the faithful dog-turned-human ally of Claudia and the secondary antagonist of the 1997 fantasy-comedy film A Simple Wish.

She was portrayed by Amanda Plummer, who also played Clotho in Disney's Hercules.


Boots started out as a pet dog belonging Claudia who lived with her in a mansion underneath a New York bridge. One night when her cable went out, Claudia seeking a companion used her magic and transformed Boots into a human woman who kept her company for awhile. Boots later went with Claudia to Hortense's house where she was hosting a party for all the fairy godmothers in New York and handed Claudia a witch's apple that she gave to the receptionist Rena. While it put Rena to sleep, Claudia ordered Boots to take the chest of fairy godmother wands and in the process accidentally spilled the wands over the floor. Hortense then showed up and Claudia casted a spell on her transforming her into a 2D version of herself and Boots and Claudia left with the all the wands.

Back at Claudia's lair, Boots questioned her as to why they needed all the wands when Claudia was already powerful. She answered that to be truly evil one must not only control the power of black magic they must also harness the power of light magic as well and with the wands she will be the one granting wishes now. While Claudia continued to count the wands, Boots picked up a snow-globe playing "The Nutcracker" theme and Claudia realized that there was a missing wand that originally belonged to her and in a rage slammed a wand into the snow-globes. Boots went to the chest and pulled out a ledger with the information of all fairy godmothers and noticed the missing wand resided in the 17th District and Claudia told Boots they were going for a very important walk.

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