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~ Bora Ra to BoBoiBoy

Bora Ra is the main antagonist of the 2016 Malaysian computer-animated film BoBoiBoy: The Movie and the posthumous antagonist in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.

He is the ruthless and vituperative leader of Tengkotak, a group of the famous rebel from the planet Ata Ta Tiga. He chased Klamkabot to get his teleportation power, but only to discovered that he gave up the power to Ochobot. After absorbing the teleportation power from Ochobot, he tried to destroy BoBoiBoy and his friends.

He was voiced by Azman Zulkiply.


Bora Ra is unique villain if compared with other villains whom BoBoiBoy and his friends encountered. While he did once fooled by Adu Du whom fought against him, Bora Ra is the vilest, brutal, and merciless that Ejo Jo is pale if compared with him, even if they share few similarities. He takes much more pleasure in psychologically tormenting BoBoiBoy and co. before killing them and greatly damaged Ochobot so bad that Klankabot had to sacrifice his remaining energy to revive him. During the final battle, Bora Ra went out of his way to ruined and destroy BoBoiBoy and Ochobot's friendship.

Bora Ra is extremely arrogant and power hungry in his pursuit for Power Sphere and is apparent that he refuse to stand down and visibly angry if anyone dare to opposed or insulted him. Bora Ra was also purely confident in his own powers, as he boasted his overall ability that made him a nigh-invincible one man army. Bora Ra is unmistakably ruthless, completely capable of committing genocide in pursuit of his goals. Due to his hubris, egomania and overall extreme narcissism, Bora Ra clearly suffers from a superiority complex.

Despite claiming that he wasn't afraid, he is later shown that he actually is when Fang chased him before he teleports away from him. His overall personality and death of Ochobot leads to his death and defeat.



Little know about his past before the event in BoBoiBoy: The Movie. Bora Ra and his team was a known legendary notorious power sphere hunters who determine to keep all the power sphere by travel across the galaxy, by use any means to get them like violence. In extra comic of BoBoiBoy Galaxy issue #7, he invade GogoBugi to get EnerBot. Knowing that EnerBot is protected by the Governor's family, Bora Ra attack him along with his wife before he could chase their sons, who no other are 11 years old Kaizo and his toddler young brother, Fang.

After he found out the brothers, Kaizo has no other choice but using EnerBot power to fight with him. Knowing that he cannot overcome Kaizo with his new power, Bora Ra threaten to kill Fang if Kaizo did not surrender himself, but it is only make Kaizo gone berserk due to his emotion and accidentally hurt Fang after his power become uncontrollable. Before Bora Ra could find his chance to attack the brothers, he was easily attacked by Maskmana, leaving one of his antenna cutting by him.

BoBoiBoy: The Movie 

He is first seen along with the other member of Tengkotak to capture Klamkabot, the 1st generation of power sphere to get his teleportation power, but he failed to get him due Klamkabot uses his power to teleport himself along with a floating island.

Bora Ra asks where Klamkabot is, Yoyo Oo answers that there was no sign of him, which makes Bora Ra upset, and he opens the gate that attempted to pull him in the vacuum of space. Then Yoyo Oo picks up a signal from Earth and mistakenly thought it was from Klamkabot. He later orders Kiki Ta head to planet Earth to track him down.

On earth, the Tengkotak gang make their entrance and Bora Ra encountered BoBoiBoy, demand him to give the Power Sphere, but then he realized that he did not see Klamkabot. Yoyo Oo explained to him that he was mistaken the signal. Then Bora Ra takes Ochobot to find Klamkabot, and it made BoBoiBoy fight Bora Ra and Gaga Naz. Gaga Naz managed to defeat BoBoiBoy but failed to defeat Yaya, Ying, and Gopal. Bora Ra used his black hole power to destroy the Rintis Island Park. Ochobot gets taken by the Tengkotak gang and unknown by them, Adu du and Probe sneak into their spaceship. Probe asks Bora Ra whether they are afraid of BoBoiBoy coming back to help Ochobot. Bora Ra felt strange when he heard that BoBoiBoy and Ochobot were friends. Probe answered with saying that he and Adu Du were friends. The other Tengkotak members erupt with laughter, much to Adu Du's fury. Adu Du and Bora Ra end up in a heated squabble. However, they are interrupted by the information that BoBoiBoy was coming near. Bora Ra gives Adu Du the Kurita, a small squid that enlarges when exposed to water. Adu Du and Probe with the Kurita later get ejected into the sea. Later that night, Yoyo Oo reported that Ochobot is a runaway, and Bora Ra command him to release "J-Rex" to search him.

Bora Ra finally located BoBoiBoy's gang in the cave along with Klamkabot and Ochobot, and attack them. But Klamkabot manages to save them and bring them to the power sphere lab, which Bora Ra and Gaga Naz followed them and attacked them again. Bora Ra giving permission to Gaga Naz to transform so he can finish the kids and captured Klamkabot quickly. When Klamkabot decides to throw the kids onto the moving platform, Bora Ra success to capture him.

When Yoyo Oo try to extract Klamkabot teleportation power to Bora Ra, they finally found that the power is already transferred to Ochobot, which made him mad. He then makes a contact to BoBoiBoy, and take Adu du, Probe and Papa Zola as a hostage. He tells to BoBoiBoy if he didn't give Ochobot, he will finish them. BoBoiBoy refuses to give Ochobot to them, but he decides to save Adu du, Probe and Papa Zola who is taken by Bora Ra and teleport to them.

In climaxes of their Battle, Bora Ra crushing Ochobot in front of BoBoiBoy with his power. When BoBoiBoy plea to him to reach Ochobot, he let him reach him, but this is made him have a chance to brutally attacking BoBoiBoy. When he about to crush him, he is stopped by Fang, and rushed go to him and defeat him, made him unconscious. Bora Ra appears at BoBoiBoy and takes half-dead Ochobot, destroying him in front of his eyes once again.

Bora Ra decide to destroy BoBoiBoy with his metallic hammer. But unknown by him, Ochobot gives all the kids his last energy to upgrade their power and make BoBoiBoy able to dodge Bora Ra attack and transform into BoBoiBoy Blaze and BoBoiBoy Ice. Bora Ra uses his black hole power to sucked him to his hammer, but BoBoiBoy using elemental split to free himself and success to overcome Bora Ra. However, Bora Ra does not giving up and use his Gargantuan Black Hole to finish all of them and try to run away.

Fang manages to chase him and attack him with his upgraded shadow manipulation, and Bora Ra tries to contact Yoyo Oo to give a coordinate and teleport his spaceship to free from Fang attack. When the kids begin to lose their hope due unable to capture him, however, Bora Ra is foiled by Adu du by giving him a false coordinate (and its shown Yoyo Oo along with Kiki Ta is captured by them) and teleport back to the floating island. Angered after know that he is foiled by Adu Du, Probe and Papa Zola, he manages to attack three of them. BoBoiBoy stopped him and use his elemental split to finish him by himself and save the others. When BoBoiBoy success to defeat him, he later being sucked by his own Black Hole.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Bora Ra appeared in the intro of BoBoiBoy Galaxy as a flashback where he can be seen using his power to capture a Power Sphere, he can be seen in a grey armor and two antennas.


~ Bora Ra's first line.
Launch the T-Bots now!
~ Bora Ra
Don't let him get away! Huh?
~ Bora Ra when Cici Ko served him some drinks while chasing Klamkabot.
Launch the constrictors!
~ Bora Ra
Tie him down and stop him!
~ Bora Ra when he finally captured Klamkabot.
Heh Ah ha ha ha ha.... After all this time, heh heh heh... I have finally captured you, Klamkabot. Get ready to bring Klamkabot up. Who would have thought? You were hiding in this place all along. (Kiki Ta: Captain!) What's going on? (High teleportation power detected!) Huh? STOP HIM NOW! (*Klamkabot teleported away*) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
~ Bora Ra taunting Klamkabot until he teleported away.
He's hiding in this planet. (Yoyo Oo: Yes captain. This planet is known as Earth. This is Klamkabot's last known location.) Good. (Eh... Uh... But... That's the only known information, captain. His exact known location is still unknown.) (*He pressed the button to open the door to drag him in the vaccuum of space*) (WHAT'S WRONG CAPTAIN?) FIND HIM HOW, OR GET OUT OF MY SHIP! (Right away captain! I'll try my best. Searching on a lower frequency. Trying to go to Earth. Incoming signal. Heh?) Hmm... Have you found him? (it's a signal from a Power Sphere? Pretty sure it is Klamkabot. It's quite weak.) What did you say? (Ahhh! Captain! Without a doubt, captain. Absolutely Klamkabot, Captain! We found him! Horray, Hwa ha ha ha ha...) (*He closed the door*) Morph into light speed, we need to get there before Klamkabot is fully refuel his teleportation power. (Kiki Ta: Roger that, Captain!)
~ Bora Ra when Yoyo Oo trying to find Klamkabot before his invasion to Earth.
Adu Du: Welcome! Welcome all greatest powerful Tengkotak Gang! Welcome to Earth.
Bora Ra: Heh.
BoBoBoy: Who are you? Why did you come here to Earth?
Adu Du: (*grunts*) You don't know who they are BoBoiBoy? Introducing Captain Bora Ra, the legendary Power Sphere Hunter.
Bora Ra: Huh.
Adu Du: This is Yoyo Oo. The captain's right hand man. This is Gaga Naz, muscle man of Tengkotak Gang. And last but not least. Oh, never mind, he is not any important. Can I be a part of the Tengkotak Gang? Eh he... here... here is my resume.
Bora Ra: Of course. But first, get my what I want, will you?
BoBoiBoy: Hey, want do you want huh?
Bora Ra: I want... Power Sphere!
BoBoiBoy: Power Sphere? What are you talking about?
Adu Du: Whoa whoa! Ochobot is a Power Sphere! There! There he is sir!
Ochobot: BoBoiBoy!
Bora Ra: That's a Power Sphere? Why does it look different?
Yoyo Oo: Are you sure captain? Well he's sure looks like a Sphere to me.
Bora Ra: What is something you're not telling me?
Yoyo Oo: Actually... the... the signal we received... was not from Klamkabot. It's from another Power Sphere, captain.
Ochobot: BoBoiBoy... I'm scared.
BoBoiBoy: Don't worry Ochobot. I'm here.
Bora Ra: So what's the situation?
Yoyo Oo: Give me a sec, just a second. According to this data, Klamkabot has contacted Ochobot before...
Bora Ra: And?
Yoyo Oo: ... and so, we can pin point Klamkabot's location using Ochobot over there.
Bora Ra: Oh, is that so? (*approaching BoBoiBoy*) Uh... excuse me, hehe, may I borrow this cute robot of yours?
BoBoiBoy: Huh? Borrow?
Bora Ra: Yes, MINE FIRST!
~ Bora Ra confronting BoBoiBoy and co., but he did not see Klamkabot, instead, he captured Ochobot.
Ha ha ha, here, take him away!
~ Bora Ra tossed Klambot to Yoyo Oo.
Heh ha ha, impressive, heh ha ha ha ha.
~ Bora Ra when Gaga Naz attacks BoBoiBoy.
Gaga Naz: Please let me transform, captain?
Bora Ra: There's no need. SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLE!
~ Bora Ra refusing to let Gaga Naz transform and unleashed his power.
He ha ha ha ha... (BoBoiBoy: No, Ochobot!) (Probe: We... we did it Mister Boss, and we didn't have to go through the interview.) (Let go of Ochobot!) Hwa ha ha ha ha... So long BoBoiBoy, and take care of yourself.
~ Bora Ra taunting BoBoBoy and captured Ochobot.
What's our status now?
~ Bora Ra asked Kiki Ta where is Klamkabot.
Good. Prepare the yellow robot to locate Klamkabot.
~ Bora Ra when Kiki Ta found the location of Klamkabot.
That yellow robot is pretty useful, excellent. (Probe: Wow. Aren't you afraid captain?) Afraid? Me, afraid?
~ Bora Ra when Probe ask him BoBoiBoy and co. will save Ochobot.
Friend? Mwa ha ha ha ha... MWA HA HA HA HA HA... He called this Power Sphere friend?
~ Bora Ra laughed when BoBoiBoy called Ochobot friend.
What did you say? (Adu Du: I said you're a jerk!) Ho ho... This stand a challenge!
~ Bora Ra when Adu Du called him a jerk.
Heh. Yoyo Oo, prepare the Kurita. (Yoyo Oo: Got it, captain.)
~ Bora Ra when BoBoiBoy and co. are on their way.
So you want to be a permanent member of the Tengkotak gang? (Probe: Yeah yeah. Of course I do) Then I had an important mission for the both of you. (Adu Du: What is it that we have to do) (Probe: Awww.... It's so cute, he's trying to bite me Mister Boss) (Adu Du: And what are we supposed to do with it?) Just feed it. (Probe: And so?) (Yoyo Oo: And don't let it get wet.)
~ Bora Ra and Yoyo Oo tricking Adu Du and Probe to enlarge the Kurita.
Get rid of those clowns, along with BoBoiBoy.
~ Bora Ra after dropping them in the sea water.
Well done Adu Du. Mwa ha ha ha... (Kiki Ta: Captain, Ochobot is approaching Klamkabot's location.) Where? (*Cici Ko was cleaning the screen, which angers him*) Hurry up and follow that robot!
~ Bora Ra when Ochobot is approaching Klamkabot's location.
When are we gonna locate Klamkabot? [...] Patience? I've been patience for hours! Where is he? [...] Enough, keep searching!
~ Bora Ra when Yoyo Oo can not find Ochobot, also, both Gaga Naz and Yoyo Oo had an argument.
What is it? What's the status [...] What? [...] You had one job and you couldn't do it! [...] Unleash the shark of yours and give me the coordinates to Ochobot, NOW!
~ Bora Ra when Yoyo Oo found Klamkabot, and he forced him to send the J-Rex out.
You're right! He can't be that tough to be, can he? [...] Get of me!
~ Bora Ra when Gopal thought he was a hologram.
You think you can outrank me?
~ Bora Ra keeping up with BoBoiBoy and co..
Eat this!
~ Bora Ra managed to separate Klamkabot from BoBoiBoy and co.
I'll take care of Klamkabot, and you'll transform and annihilate those kids!
~ Bora Ra demanded Gaga Naz to transform and fight them.
Gaga Naz, did you finish with those kids? (Gaga Naz: All done, captain!) Perfect, we're finish our mission here. Let's go, and head back to our ship.
~ Bora Ra after finally captured Klamkabot.
Yoyo Oo, is everything ready? [...] Now I'll be ready to extract you're power! [...] Oh... don't worry my dear friend, this process will hurt A LOT. Ah ha ha ha ha...
~ Bora Ra before he extracting Klamkabot's Teleportation Power.
Give me your teleportation power, NOW! [...] Why you? Increase the extraction level.
~ Bora Ra when Klamkabot refuses to give him his power.
Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha... Perfect! [...] Where... where's the teleportation power? (Klamkabot: Ha ha ha ha ha... You've been fooled, you're too late.) Hargh! Where is the power?
~ Bora Ra when he being tricked by Klamkabot.
Out of my way! You... you got some nerve to steal my power? [...] I'm done playing games with you BoBoiBoy. Bring Ochobot to me now or your friends will suffer the consequences. [...] Don't think I won't dare to, BoBoiBoy. (*He unleashes his power to hurt Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe*) If you want your friends safe and sound, bring Ochobot to this location, NOW!
~ Bora Ra threatens to kill Papa Zola, Adu Du and Probe if BoBoiBoy will not give him his power.
What are you on over there? [...] What did you say? Huh? [...] No wonder why are you all so weak. There's pathetic species on your team.
~ Bora Ra when Papa Zola tried to take a selfie with him.
Good... You have finally arrived, BoBoiBoy. [...] Heh, surrender Ochobot to me, then I'll let go of your friends. [...] Hand over Ochobot to me, kid! If you don't, your friends will pay the price! [...] Hwa ha ha ha ha ha... Good, good, a wise decision. [...] When was Klamkabot was your friend? [...] What? What are you trying to do? [...] He's... he's trying to escape! Stop them! [...] Don't you dare! [...] Heh. An admirable attempt. However, I was far more prepared BoBoiBoy. I gave you chance to surrender him peacefully, but instead, THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME? NOW! WITNESS THIS!
~ Bora Ra when BoBoiBoy tricked him, but Kiki Ta shot down Ochobot to gave him chance.
Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha... At last, the power of teleportation!
~ Bora Ra finally obtains his newfound power.
You have to get through me first!
~ Bora Ra blocked BoBoiBoy from Ochobot.
Heh ha ha ha ha ha... You think? [...] YOU ARE PUSHING MY LIMITS, BOBOIBOY! Destroy them all!
~ Bora Ra teleported his armor to fight him.
Black Hole absorption. Now have it back.
~ Bora Ra used his Black Hole power to deflect his attacks.
Go ahead.
~ Bora Ra let BoBoiBoy to see his friend, which was his other trick.
You'll regret that!
~ Bora Ra when Fang attacked him.
Mwah. And what are you hoping for? (BoBoiBoy: No Bora Ra! Don't!) Let me crush the hope of yours. Super Dense Black Hole.
~ Bora Ra before he destroy Ochobot.
You're crying, boy? Little weaking!
~ Bora Ra when BoBoiBoy crying about Ochobot.
You think you can defeat me?
~ Bora Ra when BoBoiBoy upgraded himself.
Black Hole absorption. It's... it's burning!
~ Bora Ra blocking BoBoiBoy Fire's attack.
Come here, you! (*He uses his Black Hole to suck BoBoiBoy in his hammer*) Ha ha ha ha ha ha... You're finished, BoBoiBoy, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... (BoBoiBoy:BoBoiBoy Penta-split!) (Fang: No. It can't be!) Impossible!
~ Bora Ra after BoBoiBoy duplicated to five to destroy his hammer.
Fang: What are you trying to do, huh?
Bora Ra: Gargantuan Black Hole!
~ Bora Ra unleashing his final move.
Yoyo Oo, get me the teleportation coordinates, NOW!
~ Bora Ra demanding Yoyo Oo for the teleportation coordinates to escape.
Heh. So long.
~ Bora Ra before he teleported away.
What? Why did we teleport back here?
~ Bora Ra after his ship got teleported back to the Black Hole.
You dare make a fool out of me? Hargh!
~ Bora Ra when he being tricked by Adu Du, Probe and Papa Zola, also, his last words before his ultimate defeat.





  • Unlike most Kubulus, he has red skin and has one ear/antenna. Bora Ra only has one ear instead of two. He probably had a battle between him and someone in the past before the movie. in BoBoiBoy Galaxy #7 Extra Chapter, it's shown that Maskmana cutting his antenna after his arrival to help Kaizo and his brother, Fang.
  • As mentioned in the fanmails, Bora Ra captures Power Spheres for his own trophy collection and gives them to The Emperor so he can conquer many planets across the galaxy. Its also revealed in fanmail, he got a Black hole power from unknown power sphere.
  • There was one scene of him strangling Papa Zola removed in the Disney Channel Asia broadcast due to the fact it is not suitable for children.
  • Despite he encountered Fang in the Extra Chapter of BoBoiBoy Galaxy comics, neither Fang or him recognize each other in the movie. However, it can be justified since Bora Ra not really care about everyone or his victims because he only care about his own goal, Fang also way too young to remember him due to he still around 2 or 3 years old when Tengkotak invade his homeplanet.
  • Bora Ra is the first villain of the franchise to die, the second was Captain Vargoba and the third was Retak’ka.


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