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We once danced in harmony with the land... until the tyrants defiled it.
~ Irelia on Darkwill's invasion.

Boram Darkwill is an unseen major antagonist in the League of Legends universe. Once the tyrannical emperor of Noxus, Darkwill now serves as a major posthumous antagonist after his death at the hands of Jericho Swain.


The Emperor of Noxus

Some time ago, Boram Darkwill took control over Noxus after gaining the favor of the various other nobles and appealing to their heritage. Despite his own rule, many wanted more influence on the world of Runeterra, building a conspiracy within the Black Rose to try and end his life. LeBlanc eventually manipulated Swain to discover these figures and publicly execute them, faking her own death in the process. As a result of this, Swain gained Darkwill's trust and was appointed one of the top generals in his army.

The Invasion of Ionia

However, the duplicitous LeBlanc continued to operate from the shadows, manipulated the aging emperor to become a paranoid, immortality-seeking man. Corrupting him, Darkwill became obsessed with finding the cure to his own death, and eventually ordered an invasion of the more peaceful Ionia. The invasion began in Navori, with soldiers order to both kill innocents and ransack any magical artifacts that could be used to help extend Darkwill's life.

A growing resistance in Ionia and even religious leaders like Karma were forced to reconsider their pacifist ideals, with great consequence delivered. Irelia and other Ionians eventually fought back at the Battle of the Placidium, where they succeeded at taking back the Placidium from a Noxian warhost led by General Swain, who left the battle gravely injured and disgraced. As years passed, Emperor Darkwill became even more desperate, sending child soldiers to Ionia in hopes that the Ionians would be unwilling to attack them.

Perhaps the most devastating consequence arrived when one of Darkwill's commanders, Emystan, employed the mad Zaunite alchemist Singed to create Chemtech bombs to aid the Noxian cause. Darkwill unleashed these deadly chemical weapons of mass destruction without restraint, leveling cities, fracturing stone, and torching the sacred land in Ionia. One of the worst attacks came on a village where Master Yi was rumored to be, which caused the town, its people, and its culture to cease to exist. Even years after, nothing grows on the land and the dead are trapped by the land's corruption.


Darkwill's goals for immortality, however, proved fruitless, as the Emperor of Noxus met his end at the hands of the disgraced General Swain, who had returned years later after discovering an ancient demonic power. With Darkwill's death, the war against Ionia ended, and Jericho Swain was the new ruler of Noxus.


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