Boreas is an antagonist in Disney's Fantasia, appearing as a supporting antagonist in the Pastoral Symphony segment. He is a two-headed cloud deity serving for Zeus.

While the segments all have no dialogue in the entire film, the segment's music was performed by the late Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra.



When Zeus decided to crash Bacchus' party by creating a thunderstorm for his own amusement, Boreas was called into created strong gusts of wind to help him out. While Vulcan provided Zeus with lightning bolts to crash the party, Boreas sweeps up to the scene as he blows Bacchus twice before the latter hides away.

Eventually, Zeus felt tired and falls asleep, and Boreas leaves the scene along with Vulcan, never to be seen again.

So Dear To My Heart

Boreas only made a cameo appearance in the live-action film So Dear To My Heart.


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