Earthlings must surrender... to me!
~ Borf's most memorable quote, from the trailer

Commander Borf, better known simply as Borf, is the evil commander of an alien race and the main antagonist in the 1983 arcade game Space Ace and the animated series that followed. Borf seeks to rule the universe by turning everyone into infants with his invention, the Infanto Ray, to render them defenseless and convert them into minions and slaves.

He was voiced by his creator, Don Bluth himself, although his voice is so overly modified it's impossible to tell.


Borf is manipulative and crafty, so he always has a backup plan, as evidenced by the amount of traps, labyrinths and creatures he keeps in his planet. He was only barely defeated by Ace once the hero reflected his Infanto Ray back at him.

He's shown to be quite malevolent, since he sought to turn all of humanity into infants so that they could grow up as his loyal servants and slaves (unaware of their former past as humans) and had presumably done so with other alien races as well, which would explain the diverse army of faithful minions at his disposal.


Borf in a promotional image, ready to attack Ace and Kimberly.

In his quest to govern the universe, Borf encountered the space ranger Ace, who attempted to stop him. Borf shot him with his Infanto Ray to make his adolescent self (known as Dexter) an easier target for his forces and captured Ace's sidekick Kimberly so she wouldn't be a nuisance either.

Ace managed to rescue Kimberly and miraculously stop Borf just as he was going to blast the Earth with his Infanto Ray. By reflecting the weapon's beam back at Borf, he turned into a baby that Kimberly kept.

~ Baby Borf's first word as the game ends.

Powers and Abilities

Borf is as strong as he appears, able to match the burly hero Ace who can overpower robots bigger than himself, as well as a super genius, inventing machinery like the Infanto Ray which is capable of de-aging any creature.

Most of his soldiers are armed with powerful lasers and technology that allows them to fly, and the creatures in his planet can be quite enormous and especially ravenous.



  • Depending on the scene, Borf has four or five fingers on each hand.
  • Despite being a Hero, Genie from Disney's Aladdin (which debuted nearly a full decade later) bears a physical similarity to him, though Borf has a more evil appearance.
  • Borf is the polar opposite of his predecessor, Mordroc from Dragon's Lair.  Whereas Mordroc is smart and uses black magic, Borf is dumb and only uses brute strength.
  • The late Paul Shenar, who voiced Jenner in The Secret of NIMH, was considered for the role of Borf, but was unable to voice the character at that moment.


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