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Borf (voiced by Don Bluth) is the evil commander of an alien race and the main antagonist in the arcade game Space Ace. Borf's desire is to rule the universe, by turning every person in the universe into infants with his invention, The Infanto Ray. Borf's main enemy, the space ranger named Ace, who was blasted by the infanto ray into Dexter. His plans were foiled when Dexter returned to his true self as Ace and was turned into an infant by his own Infanto Ray, reflected by a mirror. Borf is manipulative, powerful, and crafty, so he always has a backup plan.


  • Despite being a Hero, Genie from Disney's Aladdin franchise bears a physical similarity to him, though Borf has a more evil appearance.
  • Borf is the polar opposite of his predecessor, Mordroc.  Whereas Mordroc is smart and uses black magic, Borf is dumb and only uses brute strength.

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