"I'll be waiting for you in Hell!"
~ -Borghen.

Borghen is a noble man who was turned into an evil general from Final Fantasy II. He is a pusillanimous coward who tends to let others do his dirty work.


Borghen once served Fynn as one of the nobility and he was referred to by Scott as "Count" Borghen. He became a surreptitious traitor upon the approach of the forces of Palamecia, and he ensured that Palamecia successfully took Fynn. He is first referenced in Semitt Falls, having abducted Josef's daughter Nelly, to keep him from helping with the resistance. He is later seen in Bafsk replacing Leon as head of the operation in constructing the Dreadnought. He is seen as a poor substitute mainly due to his greedy nature and the inability to control the minds of the workers.

Borghen is later encountered in the Snow Cave trying to find the Goddess's Bell before Firion and the others do. He realises that if he returns to The Emperor empty-handed, he would surely be executed. He makes a last desperate move by trying to kill Firion and his party, so to appease the Emperor. He is easily defeated, but when he dies he triggers a trap that kills Josef. 

A zombified Borghen can later be encountered in Pandaemonium guarding the Genji Glove. While stronger than his initial form, Zombie Borghen remains relatively weak compared to the other enemies in the area.


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