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The Borgia Family is the family at the center of the Canal+ series Borgia. Originally known as the Borja family, they were a Catalan family from Valencia in Spain.

Originally the family came to Rome when Alfonso de Borja was elected to the Papacy as Pope Callixtus III. Callixtus brought his nephew with him to Rome, a young man named Rodrigo with him. Rodrigo would remain in Rome following his uncle's death.

Rodrigo would have several children with his mistress Vanozza dei Cattanei. These were Juan, Cesare, Lucrezia, and Gioffre. He later lost interest in Cattanei, and began an affair with Giulia Farnese, a woman more than young enough to be his daughter.

In 1492 Rodrigo Borgia was elected Pope following the death of Pope Innocent VIII. Taking the name Alexander VI he would spend the next 11 years working to solidify his family's hold on the Papacy, with an eye towards turning it into a hereditary monarchy.

Juan was murdered after leaving a family gathering, the culprit was never publicly found out. Cesare was suspected of committing the crime, but it turned out that Lucrezia had actually arranged for Juan's death.

Alexander VI died in 1503. Following his death Cesare attempted to ensure the election of a Pope who would be friendly to the Borgia interests in Rome. He first selected Francesco Piccolomini to be Pope. Piccolomini took the name Pius III, but in failing health he did not even last a month after his election. Cesare then allied with his father's bitter rival Giuliano della Rovere, providing him with the votes needed to be elected Pope. della Rovere took the name Julius II.

Soon after his election Julius II betrayed Cesare, putting him on trial for treason before delivering him to the inquistion in La Mancha. Cesare managed to escape to Navarre and was apparently killed after being attacked late one night, however Cesare had faked his death and left for the New World.

Lucrezia and Gioffre survived. Along with them their elder brothers children also survived and had children of their own. One of Juan's grandsons would also enter into the service of the church, and would later be canonized as Saint Francis Borgia.

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