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Borgia Industries is the primary antagonistic faction in the videogame Predator: Concrete Jungle. It is a major corporation in the early 21st century, responsible for the distribution of stolen Predator technology to criminal gangs throughout the city of New Way City, later known as Neonopolis.


They were founded in New Way City, in the year 1930, after Bruno Borgia was killed by the Predator Scarface and the destruction of the city by the self-destruct device onboard Scarface's ship. After the devastation, Bruno's family, Isabella and her newborn son Hunter, who were affected by the Predator's blood, used Scarface's stolen tech to rally the survivors and spearhead the rebuilding of New Way City.

After 100 years, Hunter and Isabella aged, but their life-spans were unending, due to the effects of the Predator's blood. Hunter had a daughter, Lucretia, who aided him in the management of Neonopolis. The family used the tech to create advanced weaponry to capture Predators that came to the city to hunt. Hunter also managed to aquire Xenomorphs as a gift for Isabella. Borgia Industries opened up business relations with both Weyland Industries and Yutani Corporation, auctioning off the Predator tech under the name "Prometheus Tech". By 2030, Borgia Industries was one of the most successful companies on Earth.

As time went on, Borgia began to open dealership with the local street gangs, using them to sell their Prometheus tech to use for their gang warfare as well as luring predators throughout the urban areas. However, Hunter became obsessed with obtaining alien technology, leaving control of the city almost entirely to Lucretia. In 2030, the Yautja Scarface returned to the city to destroy the stolen tech. He wiped out the leaders of the street gangs and Borgia Industries security guards before he was captured by Borgia Industries. He escaped and hunted down the leaders of Borgia Industries. He followed Lucretia to the central Borgia building, killing hundreds of Borgia staff and soldiers before killing Isabella and dueling the genetically augmented Hunter on the roof of the tower.

Scarface defeated Hunter and took his skull as a trophy. When Scarface left Earth, an individual known as Mr. Weyland bought out the remains of Borgia Industries, merged his own company, Weyland Industries, with Yutani Corporation, creating Weyland-Yutani, and turned Lucretia Borgia, who had been wounded by her father in the battle, into the supercomputer known as MOTHER.


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