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Boris is a secondary antagonist in the 2013 direct-to-DVD animated film, Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. He is a bat who is the pet of Gwyllion.

He is voiced by Sam Vincent.


Many years ago, Regellius living in Shimmervale with his daughter, Catania in goes that they shared a picnic for whatever this happened. Boris ordered Gwyllion find the Crystallites when they incisive it looking for around on the ground, which their gets spotting by the king as the princess watched them on outturn and plus afraid that she dislike flying. Gwyllion becomes upset, Regellius rejected to gives her the Crystallites as he leads his guards, makes deals each other. Boris tried to protected Gwyllion without that impair, he make her attacked the king and his guards with the torment. He is stubborn at first though does something for Gwyllion all entangled with the king and the princess confused.

Upon the king and the guards are freezing, Catania going to save her father, much to her unwittingly to being kidnapping by Gwyllion and Boris. The king breaking the freeze for himself quickly fly into rescue his daughter, Boris ambushing him obvious his usually to be falling which Gwyllion takes Catania away with her anger, upon her magic wand is smash. Sees the princess falling down and screaming, Boris later help fix the wand and he must giving back to Gwyllion, under the straight, they lets the king and his daughter go, by then with free escaped, not even be loss to them. However, Regellius success saving his daughter from disaster but also inkling that her fairy wings is actually broke.

After all at the years, Boris would show Gwyllion to performing the evil spells, due to they lived in the dark lair, and by knows that how to turning the Crystallites into darkness rocks. During arriving in Shimmervale takes vengeance, Boris and Gwyllion stage a coup to freezing the Crystallite and the crystal fairies, including Regellius, Talayla, and others. As don't forget to thinks about for that, Mariposa, the butterfly fairy who lived in Flutterfield with her puffball, Zee, she likes to reading the book which compared with Prince Carlos, her love interest. She traveled to Shimmervale but soon could helps Catania in order to stops Gwyllion which Boris turned out be scary for it, caused the princess falling again which saved by her pegasus, Sophie.

He managing to pursuing Catania and Sophie, and can accepted his outwit, Gwyllion wishing to makes him good luck begins to destroyed the Crystallite. To be risking for danger, Boris were attacked by Zee and Anu, for with his bumped by the plate which using by Mariposa. Gwyllion continuing to freezing Crystallite and finish her plans, which ended up loss to be defeated by Catania. Boris, who was trying to save Gwyllion they falls each other. Mariposa and Catania working together to having recovered Crystallite, when is Gwyllion and Boris were survived, the king and all the fairies are unfreezing and also Shimmervale will be honoring.

The princess would be fly as she mend her wings with her dress turning into shine. Upon Gwyllion and Boris redemption, Regellius reunited with Catania and apologized to Mariposa because he makes her banished from the ball of Shimmervale in the previously matters. Also in fact, Boris noticed that Gwyllion not does sins was anymore times, watching her turning into a wise old woman. They forgiven the king and the princess as well as Mariposa but of whose then leaving. After Boris left with Gwyllion, Mariposa returned to Flutterfield to shared danced with Carlos, Queen Marabella, and Willa, which Catania, and all the fairies, who were also arriving to show in the party.


  • He is the second bat who appeared as an antagonist in the Barbie series, the first being Pimm from Barbie in the Nutcracker. Unlike Pimm, Boris was never killed which chosen redeeming with Gwyllion.


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