Boris is a minor antagonist in the sixth season of the horror TV series Supernatural, appearing in the episode "Live Free or Twihard" as the main antagonist. He is a vampire and the leader of a nest and a recruiter working to create more vampires.

He was portrayed by Joseph D. Reitman.


Boris saw Dean Winchester in the alleyway attacking someone. Because Dean was "so nice looking," Boris decided Dean would make a perfect recruiter for his nest and so turned Dean into a vampire. Later, Boris sees Dean again, and treats Dean like a friend. He tells Dean that they are both recruiters now. He shows Dean how they draw people in using poetry to attract vampire fans. Once they bring the fans in, they are converted and used to recruit more people. Boris also reveals that he is 600 years old.

Boris tells Dean it wasn't his idea, but his "father's", and promises to give Dean a private tour later. As they are walking, Boris hears a drop of blood leak out of a syringe Dean pulls and stops Dean before it can touch him. As he is restraining Dean, a high pitched noise breaks out and Boris collapses as he, along with all the other vampires of the nest, get a message from the Alpha Vampire. After recovering, he releases all of the vampires to battle Dean. After Dean kills all of the vampires, Boris tells him it's too late and attacks. Dean wins and is found standing over Boris's decapitated body. Once they have Boris's blood, they cure Dean.

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