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Boris is the secondary antagonist of the Twilight Zone episode "The Jeopardy Room". He is a sniper and assistant to Commissar Vassiloff. He was portrayed by Robert Kelljan.


Boris appears in the unnamed country at the beginning of the episode when Vassiloff, who is watching KGB defector Ivan Kuchenko through the window. Vassiloff tells him that he's an "artist" and as such has devised an elaborate plan to get rid of Kuchenko. Boris is later seen watching the Jeopardy Room that Vassiloff had imprisoned Kuchenko in with his sniper rifle trained on it in order to kill Kuchenko if he tries to run away.

Towards the end of the episode, Kuchenko realises the phone is rigged with explosives and leaves the room, using the fact that Vassiloff is making a call to get him to blow himself up. Boris shoots at him, but Kuchenko narrowly manages to dodge the gunfire. Later, Vassiloff and Boris go to the room in order to destroy evidence only to get a call from Kuchenko. Boris, not thinking, answers the call. Vassiloff shouts a warning, but it comes to late and the room is destroyed with Vassiloff and Boris still inside. Having killed them, Kuchenko leaves on a plane to New York while the camera shows the charred corpses of Vassiloff and Boris in the rubble.


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