Borkis is a secret antagonist in Boris and the Dark Survival. He is completely the same as Boris the Wolf, except his eyes glow yellow.


Borkis looks exactly the same as Boris, except his eyes glow yellow.


Borkis is a version of Boris that Buddy Lewek (Who himself is a Boris) will encounter on Level 414, day 414. He behaves just like Ink Bendy, the Projectionist and Alice Angel. He will chase Boris as soon as he sees him, and will stop when Boris hides inside the Little Miracle Station. Borkis once lacked a jumpscare, and his chase theme is the same as Ink Bendy's - Shadows Follow. The chances of crossing paths with Borkis or his level are extremely low - 1/3000. The only condition is that the player has to be on Level 10 or later. In The Unleashed update, Borkis gains a jumpscare.


  • He was added in The Wolf Trials update.
  • The name is a reference to dog-related memes, in which the phrase "bork" is often used.
  • His name originated from Matt Goles, one of the people at Joey Drew Studios Inc.. He claimed that he wanted theMeatly to add a new character named Borkis, who was a Boris with an upside down head, into the game. TheMeatly rejected the idea, saying it was too "radical". Matt himself said that he is "chillest dude and was afraid of nothing".



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