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Borkoff is an Apostle with an armored hide and an impressive set of jaws. He is currently in the new Band of the Hawk in the demon lancer unit under Locus.


Borkoff is most notably known for being the Apostle responsible for the loss of Guts' left hand and forearm during the Eclipse. Borkoff snapped his jaws around Guts' left wrist, preventing him from reaching Casca, who was in the clutches of an Apostle and about to be raped by the other Apostles surrounding her.

As Griffith, newly incarnated in the form of Femto, flew down and started raping Casca in front of him, Guts tried to break free of Borkoff's jaws by trying to attack him with Gaston's sword, only to have the blade break on his impenetrable hide. In a fit of desperation, Guts used the remains of the blade to chisel off the part of his arm that was still held fast in Borkoff's jaws in order to finally get free.


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