Bornnam the Necromancer

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Bornnam the Necromancer is one of the main characters from the Mahou Daisakusen series, appearing in the first two games, Sorcer Striker and Kingdom Grandprix. He also made cameo appearances in Battle Garegga and Armed Police Batrider, along with the other three main characters.

Bornnam is a bounty hunter and evil sorcerer, who is plotting to conquer the world. He pilots the Golgodian, a magical ship shaped like a dragon skull, and it's options are pairs of ghosts, bats and flying skulls. When the Gobligan Empire starts it's invasion, Bornnam joins the fight against them, forming a temporary alliance with the other bounty hunters, but only as a means of furthering his own plans. In the second game, he enters the cross-country race, again in order to rule the world. In his ending, the King finds about his plans and sends his soldiers after Bornnam, who flees the castle. He fights the other bounty hunters and is defeated, being declared dead after the battle.

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