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The Bospider is a character from the first Mega Man X game. He is encountered after X makes his way through the first stage at Sigma's hideout.


The Bospider began his life crushing trash, but Sigma recruited him to guard his hideout. Due to a flaw in his design, smashing his face on the ground causes the Bospider to reveal the weak point on his backside. He continued guarding Sigma's base until he and X dueled, and the Bospider died at X's hands, having lost his duel.

Character Description

The Bospider's personality is unknown as the boss does not speak in any of his appearances, although his intelligence level is most likely stupid. He resembles a grey spider. He wears no clothing and has a red spot on his back which is actually his weak point and must be shot to damage him.


In order to defeat the Bospider, X needs to watch the rails to guess which path will be chosen by the Bospider, then avoid them. He then has to blast the Bospider's weak point to damage him, causing the boss to retreat back into his hiding place at the top. He can also drop small spider robots that can attack. The Bospider is weak to the Shotgun Ice.


  • The Bospider, Rangda Bangda, D-Rex, and Velguarder are the only bosses in Mega Man X and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X who do not speak.
  • Upon defeat, the Bospider tucks his legs into his body and flips over onto his back. The former is a reference to how real spiders tuck their legs in when they die and the latter may be a case of real life physics.
  • Web Spidus slightly resembles the Bospider due to his design and ability to summon small spider robots.