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The Boss is the protagonist villain of the extremely controversial 2019 video game Rape Day, which was intended to be released on Steam but was pulled in the wake of the massive controversy.

He is described as a "menacing serial killer rapist" who seeks to commit numerous sexual assaults and murders during a zombie apocalypse.


Boss is with three people, Ashley, Kristina, and Carl respectively, watching news coverage of a zombie apocalypse. The reporter claims that the zombies have a tendency to rape people, and that people should take cover and stay indoors. Everyone's phone coverage is dead. This prompts Boss to consider raping Kristina or Ashley, as well as his desire to die. He offers to escort Carl to his car, and will either help him over or strangle him to death, dependent on player choice. He will then go back into his office and barricade the place by locking the door, and considers more about the possibility of him raping Kristina or Ashley because of his lack of satisfaction of only "having sex with Thai hookers". 

He will later go on to possibly fend for his life or to use the apocalypse as an opportunity to rape numerous innocents.


Rape Day received an extremely high amount of controversy, from the gameplay emphasizing on the playable character being able to rape people, as well as mature concepts such as harassment and murder. The game had been reported on various live news outlets as well as people invited to speak against it. Many people had petitioned to have the game removed from Steam, and succeeded. People and groups such as feminists, parents, human rights advocates, and many fellow gamers had heavily condemned the game and called for it to be removed.


Boss appears as a large man in his 40s, who wears a brown suit with a light tan shirt. He also has highly visible teeth, angry-looking eyebrows, and is completely bald on the top of his head.


As one could guess, he is extremely perverted and sadistic. His desire (and possible forced fulfillment) of having sex with many people is an obvious justification to this.

Apart from the possibility of having him harass others, he also is rather snarky.

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