Boss Boom Box is a gigantic sentient crate found in the video game; Banjo-Kazooie and the boss in Rusty Bucket Bay. He guards a Jiggy but oddly enough, he didn't want it, and yet he does whatever it takes to protect it.


Boss Boom Box is a large crate with green eyes and sharp teeth.


In order to access Boss Boom Box's room Banjo must drop a crate that contains TNT. When the crate drops, Banjo and Kazooie are able to enter Boss Boom Box's room. When they enter the Boss Boom Box's room, they spotted a Jiggy. However, before they can grab the Jiggy, Boss Boom Box woke up, sealed the Jiggy in side him, and attacks the duo. Every time he loses health he splits apart into to Boss Boom Boxes, and they get smaller and weaker. The total of hitpoints is 26, and a total of 15 Boom Boxes get destroyed. After all of them get destroyed Big Boom Box gives Banjo and Kazooie the Jiggy he didn't want.


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