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Boss Hogg is the main antagonist of the Energy Hogs commercials. He is the leader and boss of the hogs.



Boss Hogg is selfish, greedy, arrogant, demanding, opprobrious, and overall evil. He sometimes acts like an oppressive dictator towards the Energy Hogs. He is shown to be extremely mean, spoiled, aggressive, and bitter.

Boss likes long showers, incandescent light bulbs, basking in front of an open refrigerator, and leaving lights on.


Boss has greyish-black hair and eyebrows and a pimple on the left side of his chin.

He wears a dark grey stained T-shirt with a dark brown dirty jacket and a necklace, jeans with a black belt, and dark brown rubber shoes.

In the commercials, the boss looks slightly different: He now wears a black cap, a white sleeveless shirt with a black shirt and jacket over it, has longer hair, eyebrows, and more realistic hooves, and is a lot fatter.

In the official website, the boss is seen wearing a red long-sleeved sweater when he is found in the refrigerator.





  • Boss' name is a parody of the Dukes of Hazard character of the same name.
  • Boss appears to be the oldest and smartest out of all the hogs.
  • In one commercial, the boss had hired a new team of Energy hogs, but much smaller and younger ones with plug-like noses.

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