Boss Kim  is a minor antagonist in the 2008 crime film Street Kings.

Kim, like his name suggest is the boss of his own crime syndicate in Los Angeles, Kim Boys, which is regarded as a vile Asian gang in the city due to its known to kidnap and enslave/force young females in its sex operations.

Street Kings

Kim and his right-hand-man, Thug Kim meet undercover Detective Ludlow at a Koreatown parking lot to buy a machine gun from him which ends in them beating him to a pulp and carjacking him. Unfortunately, Ludlow put a GPS tap on his car during the beating, tracking them down and killing him and his gang members in order to liberate a kidnapped sex slave.


Kim was a cold and brutal gangster. He was a morally depraved man who enjoyed kidnapping and enslaving teenage girls as sex slaves for profit and beating up those who provoked him in the slightest or the most profane ways.