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Ni--a, I drive a hundred thousand car, we want your f-ggoty ass ride we'll jack it from you.
~ Kim to an undercover Detective Ludlow.

"Boss" Kim is a minor antagonist in the 2008 crime film Street Kings. Like his name suggests, Kim is the boss of his own criminal group n Los Angeles which is regarded as a vile Asian gang in the city as it kidnaps and enslaves young females for it sex operation. He is a brutal criminal and low-life.

He was portrayed by Kenneth Choi.


Kim and his right-hand-man, Thug Kim meet undercover Detective Ludlow at a Koreatown parking lot to buy a machine gun from him. When Kim, his right-hand-man and Ludlow exchange insults once the deal goes awry, it ends in them beating him to a pulp and carjacking him. Unfortunately, Ludlow tracked them down to their base of operations via GPS , kills Kim and his gang's members in a firefight to to liberate a kidnapped sex slave.


Kim was a cold and brutal gangster. He was a morally depraved man who enjoyed kidnapping and enslaving teenage girls as sex slaves for profit and beating up those who provoked him in the slightest or the most profane ways.

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