Boss Moxie 002

Boss Moxie is the father of Bruno Mannheim. He was also the first leader of Intergang. Boss Moxie had spent several years in a maximum security prison at Stryker's Island making license plates due to the interference of the Newsboy Legion. Once an old man he was let go from Stryke's and swore revenge on the Newsboy Legion. The only thing is when he finds them he sees they haven't changed and that they are still the same age. This is due to a mistaken identity. As the young Newsboy Legion he finds are really the clones of the original Newsboy Legion. Boss Moxie goes after the Newsboys a couple of times in search for what ever had made them stay so young. He ended up in a tremendous battle that had him falling down a cavern that Gilotina had made. At the bottom of the cavern he was found by Dabney Donovan who promised to make clone experiments on.

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