Get lost!
~ Bostro's catchphrase.

Bostro is a major antagonist in the game Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. He is the right-hand of Dimitri Allen, the boss of the Family.



Prior to the events, Bostro and his henchmen visited the Clockshop on Midland Road to open the way to Future London.

The Unwound Future

Bostro first appeared in the Casino, where he tried to kill Professor Layton, Luke and Future Luke with the help of his minions. The Professor was able to counter their machine guns with a self-made slot machine gun.


Bostro and his henchmen.

He encounters the heroes some more times during the story, for example at his hideout, the Towering Pagoda or when they entered the Time Machine Facility together with Flora and Don Paolo.

At the end, if one returns to the Towering Pagode before entering Clives Mobile Fortress, Bostro can be encountered at the top of the tower, where he shows his softer side by mourning about the disappearance of his boss. Otherwise, his fate remains unknown.


Bostro manga

Bostro in the manga.

In the manga series Professor Layton and the Cheerful Mystery, he appears in the second and the fourth book. Like in the game, he battles the heroes in the casino, but is later defeated by falling into a hole after he had made it himself with a giant robot.


Bostro is a greedy brute, who often resorts to force and violence, rather than negotiation. As opposed to the other villains of the game, he is not a genius, but rather stupid instead.

Powers and Abilities

Bostro is very strong and due to his brutal nature but not a desirable opponent in a physical fight, which he showed by beating Clive. He is skilled with guns, and is in a possession of many dangerous weapons, even a fighting robot, as seen in the manga.


Don't let 'em escape! Ya hear?!
~ Bostro
We can't win this fight! Fall back, boys, fall back!
~ Bostro to his henchmen, while being defeated by Layton.


  • As seen in the manga, where he is depicted rather as a comedic villain, Bostro apparently likes to eat Bananas.


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