The Bots are the enemies that you fight in the levels. They are often downloaded into the online Disney Universe by VIC according to the intro.

Introduction and Finale

In the Introduction, the Bots are like Cast Members. However, they get taken over by HEX and try to destroy the guests. In the finale, they are seen playing instruments in the song It's a Small World and there are videos from the start of the worlds of them being Mischievous.

In the Levels

At the start of each location, a video of the Bots misbehaving is seen. During the levels, the bots appear often and fight the players. They are like no other Video Game Villain as they actually move objects that players need and seem to think for themselves.


The Bots look different for each world but are all based on these bots:


There are two types of Fodders, one that walks (Standard Fodder, and sometimes hold guns and using staffs) and others that fly and shoot lasers and swoops at you (Flying Fodder). They are introduced in the Pirates of the Caribbean world.


This Bot is large and quite powerful. The Brute can try to grab you with its hand or try to ground pound to cause shockwaves. They are introduced in the Pirates of the Caribbean world.


This Bot has a large spinning arm and can spin really fast. It can also lob its ball if you're behind it. They are introduced in the Alice in Wonderland world.


The Bulldogs are like giant dogs and sometimes try to eat you by grabbing with its mouth. They are much aggressive than the Roto. They are introduced in the Monsters Inc. world.


The Spawner can shoot extra enemies and laser balls, hence its name. The only way to deflect its laser ball is if the Use button is pressed good or timed. They are introduced in the WALL.E world.


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