You don't need to be afraid. I know it's dark, but you'll get used to it.
~ Botticelli making his first appearance.

Botticelli Remorso is the main antagonist of the 2003 fantasy novel The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo, and its 2008 computer-animated film adaptation of the same name by Universal Pictures. He is a cruel and manipulative rat who serves as the leader of the rat world.

In the film, he was voiced by Ciarán Hinds, who also played Steppenwolf in Justice League, Mephisto in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Jonathan Reiss in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, Henry Burke in Trip to Witch Mountain, Mance Rayder in Game of Thrones and Bill Maplewood in Life During Wartime.

Role in the film

Botticelli initially encountered Roscuro, who was accidentally abandoned and lost after accidentally causing the queen of Dor to die from a heart attack. He told Roscuro to join his rat world, as the human world would not accept him. Botticelli was also in charge of sporting events in the rat's Colosseum, where mice were captured and eaten by a cat for the amusement of several other rats.

When Roscuro was recruited to the dark side, he, Botticelli and some other rats captured Princess Pea to be eaten by the cat. Back at the castle, Despereaux tries to get help somewhere else. However, nobody believes in his rumors; he tries to tell the other mice, but they believe him to be undead; he tries to tell the king, but he was in low spirits from loss of hope to listen. Only Boldo would help him reach the dungeon where Pea was being held. Botticelli tried to kill Desperaux by feeding him to the cat. After he was defeated by Despereaux and Roscuro (who is now redeemed), Botticelli got trapped in the cat's cage along with the hungry cat, where he met his end.


Botticelli is domineering, oppressive, pompous and tyrannical. He is a greedy and manipulative rat who plans to eat the humans of the kingdom, so that he and the rats could have a commanding influence on the outside world and roam the city for life. He is shown to be a sadistic and deceptive trickster, as he loves to trick others and watch them suffer.



  • In the book, Botticelli is not killed off; rather, he lives in the darkness of the dungeons with the rest of the rats after Despereaux de-tails Roscuro, meaning he does not get the proper comeuppance for his deeds compared to his fate in the movie.
  • Nathaniel Parker and Rainn Wilson were both considered for the role of Botticelli.


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