S'il vous plaît!
~ Final words before Death

The Bottle Shadow is a bottle-themed Shadow Monster and is the main antagonist in episode 29 of 2014 TV series called Ressha Sentai ToQger.

He is voiced by Shigeru Nakahara.


The Bottle Shadow made his first appearance where he was presented at Castle Terminal by Baron Nero as one of his closest who he trusts in hunting down those who betray the Shadow Line after that he left the terminal to begin his hunt.

Back outside he is then seen battling Zalam aka Akira at the beach. He then open fired with his Red and White beam at Akira. However he was then attack by the arrival of General Schwarz, so the Bottle Shadow decides to battle him too since he is a traitor of the Shadow Line as well. However when the ToQgers showed up he then decided to retreat instead.

A while later he then returned to Castle Terminal to report to Emperor Z about Schwarz allying to the Rainbow Line.

Once again he appeared at the beach where he's about to eliminate the two traitors along with the ToQgers. He tried to open fire at the team with his red and white beam, but they managed to dodge his attacks. However they didn't expected the Bottle Shadow will be firing a Rosé Beam. After that he was then sent flying by General Schwarz away from the team and then he was defeated by Hyper ToQ 4gou.

However he managed to enlarged himself from the darkness that he gather from within his bottle-shaped body prompting the team to battle him using the ToQ-Oh. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Fumikiri-ken Ressha Slash.



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