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Who are you?
~ Bendee
That's not important.
~ The Bounty Hunter
Then what is...?
~ Bendee
~ The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter is an unnamed bounty hunter and the main antagonist of Eddsworld flash Bendee 7.

As the rest of first characters of Eddsworld, the Bounty Hunter is a bald, thin stickman character. He wears a scarf over one of his eyes, probably because of the old injury. He also has a hook on his left hand. His main weapon is a sword.



The Bounty Hunter is hired by Dr. Decapi to kill Bendee Stick for £2000. The Hunter takes the underground and in the middle of the night, he comes to Bendee's house. Meanwhile, Bendee gets up to get some milk. While walking back to his bedroom, he realizes someone is watching him. Bendee turns back and sees the Hunter who attacks him with his hook, spilling the milk. He then tries to kill him with a sword, but Bendee runs away. The Hunter runs after him, but he runs into some boxes and falls down. Bendee asks him who he is, but the Hunter replies that isn't important and attacks him again. However, Bendee hides in the room behind the Hunter, grabs the gun and tries to shoot him. The Hunter then tells Bendee that he isn't even worth 2000, which is the price Dr. Decapi offers for his death. Bendee sighs and runs away to get Dr. Decapi, leaving the surprised Hunter alone.


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