Bowguns is one of the Players from Team Azald and is the main antagonist in episode 3 of the 2016 TV series Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. He was sent to Earth to destroy the cars and vehicles.

He was voiced by Yohei Obayashi.


Bowguns first appeared on planet Earth to begin his blood game and that is sniping vehicles in motion and he does this by using his Gunsbow to fire beam arrows. However this kind of destruction brought the attention to Tusk, Leo and Sela as they transformed and battle him. After that he then retreats the area.

A while later he appeared in the city where he open fired on a van. He manage to land on the bus as he gets away from the three Zyuohgers, but unknown to him he was then ambushed by Yamato who was on that same bus along with Amu. After that they transformed and battled him along with a couple of Moebas. Once the Moeba were destroyed Bowguns open fired on the group after that he was about to finish them off, but thanks to Yamato's enhanced eyesight he managed to deflect the arrows that's been fired. After that he was then taken out by Zyuoh Slash.

However thanks to Naria she then enlarged Bowguns by inserting a Continue Medal in his Left Chest. After that he then battles with the cube animals and he does this causing a rock slide onto Tiger and Elephant. Leaving the three to combine to form Zyuoh King and battle him instead. However he managed to pin them in a pile of rocks and he was about to do a headshot on the bot, Tusk and Amu free themselves from the dirt and form the alternative of Zyuoh King. However things look very bad as this battle has made some damage to the surrounding area. However thanks to the cube that Yamato and Amu found it becomes the Cube Giraffe and once it was equipped to the Megazord it becomes the bazooka where it was used as this finisher called Kirin Bazooka Zyuoh Fire to destroy Bowguns once and for all.

Through scanning Zyuoh Tiger's memory of him, Bowguns was "revived" as a giant by Bangray, serving as a decoy while he left to pursue the Whale Change Gun which was taken by Gokai Red who was also pursued by Zyuoh Eagle. Realizing Bowguns' purpose, the Zyuman Zyuohgers entrusted Zyuoh TheWorld with him as they dealt with Dorobozu. Forming Tousai Zyuoh to engage Bowguns, Zyuoh The World quickly destroyed the revived Player with the Komori Boomerang Zyuoh Cutter.


  • Bowguns' design is very similar to Baruruka from 1985 TV series called Dengeki Sentai Changeman and Wangawanga from the 1998 TV series Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.



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