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Synopsis of Bowser from the Super Mario Bros. videogame franchise.


Main Series Appearances

Super Mario Bros.

Bowser as he appeared in Super Mario Bros..

In his first appearance (release wise), Bowser enacts a plot to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom by turning its citizens into inanimate objects and capturing Princess Peach so she can't undo his curse using her magic. The Mario Brothers set out to stop Bowser's plan, and, at the end of each world, must fight one of Bowser's minions impersonating their leader. In the final level, the real Bowser confronts the Mario Brothers and attacks them by shooting fireballs and, unlike his impostors, jumping and throwing hammers. In the end, the brothers defeat Bowser by using the axe at the end of the platform, destroying it, dropping Bowser into the lava below, foiling his scheme and rescuing the Princess.

Super Mario Bros. 3

For his next takeover plot of the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser sends the Koopalings to wreak havoc on its different regions. While the Mario Brothers scramble to undo the damage done by the Koopalings, Bowser kidnaps the unguarded Princess and taunts the Mario Brothers with the news via personal letter once they defeat Ludwig in Pipe Land and transport themselves to Dark Land (although this can be skipped by warping directly to Dark Land). After they make their way through his castle, Bowser fights the Mario Brothers by shooting fireballs and trying to crush them, however, after enough jumps, Bowser will end up crashing through the floor, defeating himself and allowing the Brothers to free Princess Peach.

Super Mario World

Bowser in Super Mario World.

Once again, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach as she and Mario are vacationing in Dinosaur Land. Bowser also has the land's native Yoshis captured and trapped inside eggs guarded by the Koopalings in different castles. When Yoshi himself attempts to stop Bowser, he is captured as well and placed in a block, where he is discovered by Mario and teams up with him to foil Bowser's plan and save his friends.

Mario eventually arrives in Bowser's castle and, climbing to the castle roof, fights him in his new Koopa Clown Car. During the fight, Bowser attacks by throwing Mechakoopas down on his nemesis (which can be thrown back up at him in order to deal damage), drops rolling steel balls, try crushing Mario by bouncing up and down on the roof, and raining fire down on the roof after being hit. Mario overcomes everything and defeats Bowser, sending him flying off into the distance.

Super Mario 64/Super Mario 64 DS

Bowser fighting Mario in the original Super Mario 64.

Taking a new approach to kidnapping Peach in order to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser takes control of her castle and steals its Power Stars, imprisoning them inside the castle's paintings with his minions. To prevent Mario from interfering with his plan, Bowser seals off the doors, forcing his enemy to fight his minions in order to collect the Stars so they can unlock the doors, also creating doors that can only be opened using keys withheld by him.

Upon obtaining varying amounts of stars, Mario will encounter Bowser in three different levels; "Bowser in the Dark World", "Bowser in the Fire Sea" and "Bowser in the Sky". In each encounter, Mario will have to defeat Bowser by tossing him into a mine on the outskirts of the arena (although, during the final encounter, Bowser must be tossed into three different mines), while he attacks with fire breath, causing shockwaves, trying to tackle his enemy and even altering the battlefield itself. Mario manages to overcome this, defeating Bowser, taking the last Power Star and rescuing Peach from his grasp.

In the DS remake, Bowser's plot stays the same, although, unlike in the original, Mario, Luigi, and Wario storm the castle to rescue the Princess, only to be ambushed by the Koopa King and his minions, being locked behind special doors, leaving Yoshi as the only one left to stop him. In the final level, both Mario and Yoshi are required to reach Bowser, who, like in the original, only fights Mario as his final opponent.

Super Mario Sunshine

Mario! How dare you disturb my family vacation?!
~ Bowser to Mario.

For the first time ever, Bowser appears with his son, Bowser Jr., with the latter convinced that Princess Peach is his biological mother and Mario her kidnapper. Taking his father's words to heart, Bowser Jr. takes up the guise of Shadow Mario and vandalizes Isle Delfino with graffiti as the real Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth and a few Toads are vacationing there, incriminating Mario and forcing him to clean the isles of the graffiti. Later into the game, Bowser Jr. "rescues" Peach from Mario and brings her to Corona Mountain, where she (on a rubber duck) is forced to join Bowser and Bowser Jr. in a hot tub full of slime. Mario eventually climbs the mountain to rescue Peach, and Bowser rages at him for disturbing his "family vacation", fighting him by breathing fire and splashing his tub's deadly slime. Despite this, Mario manages to flip the entire tub over by pounding it's five sections, sending everyone down to the island below. While Mario, the Princess and the residents of Delfino island are celebrating, Bowser and Bowser Jr., floating on the flipped over tub, are seen watching them. Bowser tries to confess to his son about lying about Princess Peach being his mother, but Jr. reveals that he already knew, and, once he's older, wants to fight Mario again. Filled with pride in his son, Bowser decides that both of them should rest for a while.

New Super Mario Bros.

Bowser again has Princess Peach kidnapped, this time through Bowser Jr., and awaits Mario in the World-1 Castle. When Mario arrives, he fights Bowser in a similar fashion to the original Super Mario Bros., however, once he is defeated, Bowser's skin is visibly burnt off by the lava below him, transforming him into Dry Bowser. Dry Bowser reappears in the World-8 Castle, and fights Mario much as he did before, only now with the power to toss bones and immunity to fireballs, and is yet again defeated and dropped into the chasm below. This, however, is not the end, as Mario must make his way through Bowser's Castle, where Bowser Jr. revives his father in a cauldron, also tripling his size and strength. Mario then fights Bowser and Bowser Jr. together and can defeat them by pressing the skull switch behind them, sending them plummeting to the ground below while he rescues Peach. After the credits sequence, Bowser Jr. and Bowser are seen at the bottom of the pit, and Bowser angrily growls at the player.

Super Mario Galaxy

Prior to the events of the game, Bowser expands his conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom into universal domination by attacking Rosalina's Comet Observatory and stealing all of it's Power Stars and some Grand Stars. Bowser uses the power of the stars to unleash his troops on the cosmos and take over numerous galaxies, plotting to ultimately use the power of the Grand Stars to construct and power a galaxy reactor to create his own galaxy in the center of the universe. Soon enough, Bowser kidnaps Peach during the Star Festival, using several UFOs and airships to uproot her castle and take it to the center of the universe, wanting to rule all with Peach as his empress.

With help from Rosalina, Mario begins returning the stolen Power Stars and destroying the Koopa Troop and will encounter Bowser at two different points in the game, once at Bowser's Star Reactor and the second time at Bowser's Dark Matter Plant. In both battles, Bowser attacks by creating shock waves, pounding the ground, and spinning in his shell, although, if he pounds one of the glass spots on the arena, he will burn himself and run around aimlessly, and Mario can use the spin attack on him twice to deal damage. Mario eventually makes his way to the near-completed Galaxy Reactor, where he fights Bowser in a similar fashion to before, only with new improvised tactics, but still remains triumphant. Bowser is sent flying into his galaxy's sun, which, due to the Grand Star freeing itself, begins to collapse on itself, creating a titanic black hole that begins devouring the universe. However, the Lumas manage to destroy the black hole from the inside, resetting everything, and Bowser wakes up in Toad Town next to Mario and Peach.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

On Princess Peach's birthday, Bowser masterminds her kidnapping through Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings and has her brought to his castle. Towards the end of the game, Mario and his allies make their way through Bowser's Castle, where they face Bowser himself, with Peach dangling in a cage above him. Like in the previous New Super Mario Bros. game, Bowser fights by jumping and shooting fire and is defeated by pressing the switch behind him. However, it is revealed that "Peach" was actually Kamek in disguise, who uses his magic to grow Bowser to a gigantic size. Super Bowser (as he is referred to by the Prima Games strategy guide) chases after Mario and his friends, spewing massive fireballs and smashing his way through the castle. Mario and his friends manage to make it to the real Princess and press another switch, which drops Super Bowser into a pit below him. During the credits, Bowser, having returned to normal size, is seen outside the castle, with the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. trying to push him over. They succeed, however, the entire castle falls onto them all.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Once again, Bowser steals several Power Stars, this time by attacking and raiding Lubba's starship, and uses their power to transform himself into a giant size. With his new form, Bowser attacks Toad Town and kidnaps Peach, plotting to once again conquer the universe and build a capital worthy of his size in the center of the universe. With help from Lubba and the other Lumas, Mario begins taking back the Power Stars and encounters Bowser twice on his quest. In both encounters, Mario and Bowser fight on a spherical planetoid, in which Bowser attempts to crush Mario with his fists, send meteors down on him, and breathe fire, although, when he punches the planetoid, Mario can ground pound the uprooted meteors back at him. Once he is defeated, Bowser coughs up a Grand Star and shrinks back down to normal size, although he escapes and tells Mario his plan is too far ahead to stop.

At Bowser's Galaxy Generator, Mario encounters Bowser for the final time, and fights him in the same manner he had before. Mario then attempts to collect the Grand Star once Bowser coughs it up, only for the Koopa King to resurface and swallow the Star again, regaining his massive size, and making them fall into a vortex for the final battle. During the battle, Bowser advances on Mario and delivers a punch once he is close enough, although Mario pushes him back by ground-pounding meteorites at him. Once Bowser is defeated, he is sucked into the vortex and is not seen again until Mario, Peach and the Toad Brigade return to their planet near the end of the credits, where he is smaller than normal and unconscious. Mario can then jump on or spin Bowser, waking up and angering him.

Super Mario 3D Land

In Super Mario 3D Land, Bowser once more kidnaps Peach, the news of which sent to Mario and three Toads via letter. Through more letters, it is shown that Peach attempted to escape the jaws of the Koopa Troop, but ultimately failed to escape. Bowser also uses Super Leaf-powered doppelgangers of himself to create the bosses of each world, and further used said leaves to enhance his minions' strength.

At his castle, Bowser's first true boss fight emerges, with similar mechanics to the Tail Bowsers. However, this was a trap, as Bowser fled with Peach after his defeat to his other fortress. In the second castle, Bowser uses a mixture of spiked balls, barrels, and his flaming breath to chase down and stop Mario, but he ultimately fails upon falling into the lava by a breaking bridge twice. He then later tries to reach Mario with his tower of Goombas in the credits and using a second kidnapping of Peach to stop him after the special worlds are beaten, but each attempt fails.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

Bowser once again orders the Koopalings to kidnap Peach while Mario and Luigi were away gathering coins. Bowser once again confronts the Mario Bros. in his castle, which they defeat him by pressing a switch. The Koopalings appear on the Clown Car and use their wands on Bowser, causing him to emerge from the lava as the gigantic Super Bowser. The final battle plays similarly to New Super Mario Bros. Wii albeit vertically where the Mario Bros. have to jump on flying platforms to avoid the rising lava and Bowser's fists. Once reaching the top, the Mario Bros. step on a giant switch that releases the lava floodgates, sweeping Bowser away. After the credits, Bowser, back to normal size, was carried away by the Koopalings in the Clown Car. But his weight causes the car to smash into the ground, with Bowser having his head stuck in the dirt.

New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

While Princess Peach was having a tea party with her friends, Bowser's airship lowers a mechanical hand to move her chair aside before smashing the table, swatting Mario, Luigi, and the Toads out of the castle. Like before, the heroes encounter Bowser in his castle and press a switch to make his bridge fall. After they move along, Bowser Jr. uses his Clown Car holding Kamek to use magic to revive Bowser and turn him massive, escalating to the final battle on the roof of the castle. While massive, Bowser cannot be damaged by any of the player's attacks. Instead, they will have to jump on Bowser Jr. when he lands his Clown Car, causing him to fall out and the player can jump in. They must then pilot the Clown Car above Bowser's head and slam it down. After hitting his noggin three times, Bowser falls from the roof. After his defeat, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings make their escape on the airship. Bowser climbs on, only for his weight to cause the airship to crash. They then make their escape on Bowser Jr.'s Clown Car, with Bowser holding onto the side while the Koopalings hold on to his tail.

He plays an identical role in Super Luigi U, although there, he must be defeated by Nabbit.

Super Mario 3D World/Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Bowser invades the Sprixie Kingdom and imprisons six of the seven Sprixie Princesses. The green Princess arrives in the Mushroom Kingdom through a mysterious clear pipe and warns Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad. Bowser emerges from the pipe and grabs the Sprixie Princess, trapping her in a bottle and retreats down the pipe, with the group in pursuit. Bowser fights the group in World 1 and World 7 in his luxurious car, the Koopa Chase. The heroes defeat him in both cases. After defeating him the second time, all seven Sprixie Princess are united. Suddenly, Bowser returns and stuffs all seven princesses within a larger bottle and escapes to World Bowser. The group chase after him again, confronting the Koopa King at the Great Tower of Bowser Land, where he uses a Super Bell to transform into Meowser. While chasing him up the tower, Meowser uses a Double Cherry to create clones of himself. At the top, Meowser is on top of a giant POW Block holding the bottle with the Sprixie Princesses. Hitting it enough times defeats Meowser, sending him into the distance and burst into fireworks. After the group save the Sprixie Princesses and use the pipe to return to the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser can be seen trapped within a large bottle.

Bowser's Fury

In Super Mario 3D World: Bowser's Fury, Bowser Jr. paints Bowser black, causing him to go berserk, becoming the dark and massive Fury Bowser. Bowser Jr. summons Mario to Lake Lapcat to help him stop Bowser's fury and turn him back to normal. Bowser will awaken after some time has passed, unleashing flames and meteors to alter the landscape of Lake Lapcat. Bowser will eventually return to his slumber after some time or if a Cat Shine is collected, activating a lighthouse that drives him away. After collecting a certain number of Cat Shines, a Giga Bell can be awakened to transform Mario into Giga Cat Mario to stand a battle against Fury Bowser, defeating him by ground-pounding his belly.

Once Fury Bowser is defeated, he sinks into the black paint, some of which clear up and reveal a new portion of the map. Upon defeating Fury Bowser three times, the black paint is removed from Fury Bowser. However, he is still massive and furious, and takes all three Giga Bells within a large shield. Mario has to ride on Plessie to reach the shield and damage it. Once it is broken three times, Plessie absorbs the three Giga Bells and grows enormous, slamming on Fury Bowser, causing him to be launched into the air and burst into fireworks. Once he comes back down, Bowser is back to normal but still angry at Mario, although Bowser Jr. holds him back.

Once all hundred Cat Shines are collected, Fury Bowser's appearance is altered to where his hair, spikes, and chest turn white.

Super Mario Odyssey

Bowser as he appears in Super Mario Odyssey.

Time for my wedding with Peach! Jealous, Mario?!
~ Bowser after defeating Mario in the opening of the game.

Bowser appears as the main antagonist and final boss. In this game, Bowser kidnaps Peach again and plans to wed her. As a result, Mario teams up with a spirit named Cappy, who desires to rescue his sister Tiara, who Bowser also kidnapped. Preparing for his wedding, Bowser has his minions place posters for it around the world and begins stealing things such as flowers, food, musicians, and various other things from various kingdoms, also hiring a group known as the Broodals to keep his wedding plans on track. Eventually, he "invites" various people around the kingdoms to the wedding at Moon Kingdom by abducting them, including Mayor Pauline, and has a final battle with Mario, only to be soundly defeated, knocking him unconscious. However, due to the Wedding Hall collapsing, Mario is ultimately forced to capture Bowser to get himself and everyone else to safety. Upon regaining consciousness, he attempts to resume his attempt at wooing Peach's hand in marriage, with Mario doing the same, only for Peach to "reject" them both. Bowser then attempts to go home with Peach but gets jumped on by Mario and knocked away from the Odyssey. A segment in the Darker Side in the level "Long Journey's End" involves Mario controlling Bowser to reach the next area.

Spin-Off Appearances

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

I'm gonna do something I may regret later...! But I'm gonna let you join the Koopa Troop. You can thank me later...
~ Bowser joining Mario.

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach in the opening of the game, taking her back to his Keep. Mario pursues Bowser, managing to defeat him and rescue Peach, however, a giant sword crashes into the castle, sending all three flying out of Bowser's Keep. Later into the game, while heading to Rose Town, Mario and Mallow spot Bowser rallying his troops to take back his castle. In Moleville, Mario spots Bowser again, although his forces have been since depleted, as they had no experience fighting with the tough members of the Smithy Gang and were scared off. Regardless, Bowser presses on, not wanting to let Mario see him in a weakened state and therefore lose his reputation.

At Booster Tower, Mario finds Bowser sulking at his forces' abandonment and his losses, until he realizes that he is being watched and feigns confidence. After he and Mario realize that Peach is being held at the top of the tower by Booster, Bowser walks off, but returns soon afterwards and helps Mario break down the tower door. Bowser then lets Mario "join" the Koopa Troop, and joins his party. Bowser subsequently assists Mario and his allies in their quest to stop Smithy and restore the Star Road, eventually succeeding.

Luigi's Mansion

Bowser makes an appearance as the "Final Boss" in the videogame Luigi's Mansion. Sometime before the events of Luigi's Mansion, it has been implied that Bowser was killed, and the Boos are planning to resurrect him. When King Boo was about to confront Luigi, he decided to use Bowser's body as a vessel to destroy his rival. After King Boo was defeated, Bowser was "revived" and decided to continue his various schemes to defeat the Mario Bros. and kidnap Princess Peach. But it was revealed that it was only a costume of Bowser instead of his actual body.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle


In Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Bowser does not appear for the majority of the game due to being on vacation, leaving Bowser Jr. in charge of his Kingdom in his absence. When Mario and his team encounter Bowser Jr. in Sherbet Desert, Bowser calls his son to check on how things are going, also revealing that he is likely unaware of the Rabbids infesting the entire Mushroom Kingdom. Towards the end of the game, Bowser returns from his vacation and is attacked by the MegaBug, who beats him to near unconsciousness before fusing itself with him and creating MegaDragonBowser; the true final boss. After a hard-fought battle, Mario and his team manage to separate and destroy the MegaBug, leaving Bowser unconscious, as Bowser Jr. regrets his previous actions and prepares for his punishment once his father wakes up.

Paper Mario Series

Main article: Paper Bowser

Mario & Luigi series

Bowser appears as one of the main antagonists of the Mario & Luigi series, specifically being an anti-hero in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, a major character in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser, a major antagonist in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, the titular main protagonist of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, a background character later postgame antagonist in Bowser Jr.'s Journey, the main antagonist of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and one of the two main antagonists (alongside his paper counterpart) of Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Bowser tries to help Mario and Luigi get Peach's voice back when it was seemingly stolen by Cackletta, during which Bowser quickly became an enemy of Cackletta's minion, Fawful. After a cannon blast, Bowser spent half of the game with amnesia as Popple's assistant Rookie, and the other half possessed by Cackletta as Bowletta. When the Mario Bros. destroyed Cackletta, Bowser was restored to normal, and dropped off at his castle on Peach's plane ride back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Bowser kidnaps Princess Shroob, who is disguised as Princess Peach, but his weight causes him to fall through the floor and into a time hole, where he pairs with his younger self to fight the Mario Bros. As a result of the Bowsers' defeat, Bowser falls in a time hole and is knocked out, where he is powered up by the spirit of Elder Princess Shroob. Bowser is defeated when the Mario Bros. trick him into reflecting Elder Princess Shroob's attacks back at her ghost, destroying her.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

GWAHAHA! Great dark hurricane! Seriously, perfect backdrop for an awesome final battle! You really sweat the details! Listen up! You're saying the kingdom will vanish? NOT TODAY! THIS KINGDOM IS ALL MINE! SO YOU VANISH!
~ Bowser preparing to fight Dark Bowser.

After losing to the Mario brothers again Fawful tricked him into eating a Vacuum Shroom causing him to inhale the Mario Bros., among others) to take his castle back and rule the Mushroom Kingdom himself. He gained a new rival in the form of Midbus facing him many times during the game. Eventually, Bowser defeated the Dark Star, which had taken the form of Dark Bowser, and when Fawful self-destructed and forced Mario, Luigi, and the others out of Bowser, Bowser fought them but they defeated him and put him in the hospital.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

I mean, you're an idiot! You thought you were using me?! ME?! Buddy, I was playing you like a bat fiddle!
~ Bowser betraying Antasma.

For the majority of the game, he works alongside Antasma. They team up when Antasma offers to give Bowser power to defeat the Mario Bros. By stealing the Dream Stone, Bowser and Antasma gained a powerful fortress, Neo Bowser Castle, and Bowser kidnaps Peach.

Mario and Luigi tracked down Bowser and Antasma. They battled Bowser in his dream world, where he powered up to an enormous size only to be defeated by Mario and giant Luigi. Bowser was later found holding on to Antasma while Antasma gloated that this time the outcome of the final battle will be different, as Bowser is assisting him. Bowser unexpectedly flung Antasma to the ground, betraying him and showing off his more malicious side. He said that he had been "playing him like a bat fiddle" the whole time, and left him to be destroyed by the Mario Bros. while using the Dream Stone for himself. When the Dream Stone was destroyed, Bowser inhaled its dust to transform, but the Mario Bros. defeated him, returning him to normal and sending him flying into the distance, although he survived, and remembered Luigi's name (all through the Mario & Luigi games he calls him "Green Stache").

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

After a magical book brings the Paper characters to the regular world, Bowser is confronted by his paper counterpart and the two get into a battle. Eventually, the two settle their rivalry over the rule of only one Bowser in the world and combine their armies to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom. Although they work together to kidnap both Princess Peaches and defeat the Mario Bros. and Paper Mario, they both find each other very irritating and secretly plan to betray one another once they have succeeded in their goal of getting rid of both Marios. After the Mario Bros. raid their castle once and save the princesses, the Bowsers attack Peach's castle in retaliation for Mario defeating their Juniors.

At the end of the game, the two face the Mario Bros. in their flying castle and explain their plan to trap the trio in the magic book and burn it. The two combine with each other to create Shiny RoboBowser, although Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario are able to defeat it. Bowser is knocked back by the destruction of RoboBowser and plummets to the ground below from his castle, dropping the book in the process, while the trio uses the book on Paper Bowser and return him to his world, much to his dismay.

Mario Kart series

Bowser has appeared in every entry in the Mario Kart series, usually as one of the heaviest racers in the game. In addition, his castle appears as a race track in every game of the series, usually the penultimate track in the Special Cup before Rainbow Road.

Mairo Baseball series

Bowser is playable in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. He is a powerful batter tied with Petey Piranha and King K. Rool. In Challenge Mode, Bowser is featured alongside his team as the final opponents to be faced in Challenge Mode. He can only be faced when the player defeats all the other captains. When the player beats Bowser, the Bowser Castle stadium is unlocked. When he is defeated on Special difficulty, the player can play as Bowser in Challenge Mode. In this mode, Bowser must defeat the other captains, and then face of the team composed of nine out of ten of the captains and sub-captains who have taken over Bowser Castle.

In Mario Super Sluggers, he joins Bowser Jr. in taking over Baseball Island, sending his son to take over Baseball Fields. After Bowser Jr. loses in his playground, Bowser faces Mario's team. After losing twice, he becomes playable in challenge mode along with his team of Dry Bones, Hammer Bros., and Magikoopas.

Mario Party series

Bowser has appeared in every Mario Party game as the primary antagonist. His motive for each game varies, but it's mostly to cause misfortune to the players and prevent them from winning. In every game, he is given his own space, which when landed on by a player, Bowser appears and wreak havoc. There are also multiple minigames based around Bowser, where if a player loses, their coins, items, or stars will be taken. From the first Mario Party to Mario Party 7, Bowser was aided by a character named Koopa Kid, but he has since been replaced by Bowser Jr.

In Mario Party 9, his goals are a bit different than his past goals, he tries to collect all mini stars with a machine that he has in his secret base, so that he can decorate his castle with the stars. As usual, Mario and his friends notice his plans, and comes to the rescue, but this time Bowser has backup plans, he will send some of his most loyal minions (The Shy Guys and Kamek) to stop Mario from thwarting his plans. And if somehow that does not work, he will create bosses such as Wiggler, King Bob-omb, Bloopers, and King Boo with the mini stars to distract Mario.

Once Mario manages to come up to his space station, Bowser is the final boss again.

In almost every Mario Party game, he shows some sort of remorse, only to come back as the main antagonist again. That being said, he isn't always the final threat, as in Mario Party 3, Waluigi usurps his role by defeating him himself. He is a playable character in Mario Party 10 in the mode "Bowser Party", as well as the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Party.

Yoshi Safari

Bowser and the Koopalings invade Jewelry Land, kidnapping King Fret and Prince Pine. They also steal twelve magical gems, causing Jewelry Land to split into the Light Realm and Dark Realm. Aimed with the Super Scope, Mario and Yoshi head to Jewelry Land to stop Bowser's plan.

After all levels are cleared in the Dark Realm, the duo are given access to Bowser's Castle. After defeating multiple enemies in their way, Mario and Yoshi fall into a pit and are confronted by their old nemesis. Wearing armor, Bowser is invulnerable with the exception of the blaster cannons on his arms. Once they are destroyed, the chest plate opens and exposes Bowser's belly. Hitting it enough times causes the armor to break off. Bowser's arms are the only vulnerable part, and attack by throwing Koopa shells. After both are damaged enough, they are disabled in bandages and Bowser opens his mouth to breath fire. Shooting his mouth enough times defeats Bowser, surrendering holding two white flags. The game's credits say that Bowser and the Koopalings retreated back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario is Missing!

In the educational game Mario is Missing!, Bowser causes multiple trouble for the people of Earth, such as stealing multiple landmarks and attempting to flood the Earth by using hairdryers to melt Antarctica. Mario rushes into Bowser's Castle to stop him, only to be captured and imprisoned, leaving it up to Luigi to use portals to fix Bowser's carnage on humanity and rescue his brother.

At the end of the game, once all portals have been cleared, Luigi enters Bowser's throne room and confronts the Koopa King. Luigi grabs and removes Bowser's shell which exposes Bowser's polka-dot boxers, causing him to run offscreen embarrassed. Before coming back, Luigi shakes the carapace to retrieve Mario's cell key and tosses it aside. When Bowser asks for where his shell is, Luigi tells him that it fell from the balcony. As Bowser leans in, Luigi kicks him off the balcony and into the snow below. As Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi joyfully return home, Bowser can be seen in the distance poking his head out of the snow looking for his shell.

Mario's Time Machine

In the other educational game Mario's Time Machine, Bowser uses a time machine called the Timulator to steal artifacts from Earth's history to make his own museum. It is up to Mario to use the Timulator and return the artifacts to their proper place. If Mario fails to return all artifacts in time, Bowser uses the Timulator to escape into "Paradise", forcing Mario to start all over. But if the artifacts are returned, Bowser attempts to use the Timulator, only for it to malfunction and warp him to the Cretaceous period, where a Tyrannosaurus rex stomps on him.

Hotel Mario

Dear pesky plumbers, the Koopalings and I have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom. The princess is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Koopa Hotels. I dare you to find her if you can!
~ Bowser's note written for Mario and Luigi.

Bowser can be seen in the opening cutscene, laughing at Mario and Luigi as they walk into the entrance of the Mushroom Kingdom for a picnic with Princess Toadstool. They find a note written by Bowser, explaining that he and the Koopalings took over the kingdom and has the princess as a permanent guest at one of the seven Koopa hotels. Once six of the hotels are cleared, the Mario Bros. move towards the largest hotel, Bowser's Seizures Palace Hotel.

On the final stage, Bowser's Barbecue Room, Mario and Luigi confront Bowser, only for it to be Iggy wearing Bowser's mask. Suddenly, the real Bowser shows up and attempts to kill the brothers by breathing fire and summoning lightning bolts, but can be temporarily defeated by stomping on his head twice. Once all doors in the hotel are shut, the entire building collapses with Mario, Luigi, and the princess escaping.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Bowser in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Bowser makes his playable debut in the Super Smash Bros. series as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee. His design resembles his appearance from the Nintendo 64 era. He appears as a foe in events 1 and 18. He also appears as the final boss in the game's Adventure Mode. After defeated, he reverts back into a trophy; however, if the Mode has been cleared in less than 18 minutes, the Trophy rises back onto the stage and falls apart, revealing a new form of Bowser, being Giga Bowser.

Giga Bowser also appears in the 51st and final Event Match "The Showdown" along with Mewtwo and Ganondorf.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Bowser in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Bowser returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. His depiction resembles his current design and also gains a more serious appearance. He also gains the Final Smash, Giga Bowser. He also appears as a major antagonist and recurring boss in the game's story mode; the Subspace Emissary.

In Subspace Emissary, Bowser commands the Subspace Army alongside Ganondorf and both work for the Master Hand. He, along with Wario, set out to find and capture several of the Smash Bros. characters. Bowser first appears in the DK Jungle confronting Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. He has a special gun that will turn any character into a trophy. He aims it at Diddy but DK super punches him far away and gets turned into a trophy instead. After finding Fox McCloud, Diddy finds a Bowser trophy laying around but it was a fake and it dissolves into little shadow bugs. The real Bowser appears and attacks the two. Though Diddy wants to fight Bowser, Fox knows he is too dangerous and the two escape.

Later in the game, Bowser runs into Kirby and whichever princess he saved from Petey Piranha. Bowser turns that princess into a trophy and has the shadow bugs turn into a dark clone of that princess. He then takes the princess aboard the Halberd and leaves the clone to deal with Kirby and other characters. He then receives a transmission from Ganondorf to go to King Dedede's castle and retrieve the other princess trophy. Browser does so and with his Koopa troops, they storm the castle, knock out King Dedede and take the princess trophy. He is pursued outside the castle by Mario, Link, Pit, Kirby, and Yoshi but he escapes and retreats to the Halberd.

With the princesses successfully captured, Bowser goes after Diddy Kong again and this time turns him into a trophy. He goes after Fox but the fox is too fast for the ray gun. Bowser is then attacked and his gun is destroyed by Fox's ally, Falco Lombardi. The two then bring Diddy Kong back to life and Bowser flees but not before having the shadow bugs form a giant False Diddy Kong and has it attack the trio.

Bowser with Ganondorf in Subspace Emissary.

Bowser is seen later aboard a giant subspace warship with Ganondorf. The heroes, all reunited, fly toward the ship and Ganondorf open fires on the ships, but Kirby uses the Dragoon and destroys the core of the ship; causing it to explode. Ganondorf and Bowser retreat into subspace in time. As the villains head to meet the Master Hand, Bowser is betrayed by Ganondorf and turned into a trophy by him and pushed aside. Ganondorf and Master Hand meet and are both betrayed by the true villain of subspace, Tabuu. Tabuu knocks the Master Hand unconscious and turns Ganondorf, along with all the heroes into its trophies.

Miles away, King Dedede, Ness, and Luigi are brought back to life and they enter subspace and bring the heroes back to life. Halfway through, they find Bowser's trophy and revive him. Bowser reawakens and attacks the trio and King Dedede engages in battle with him. Dedede wins and Bowser is turned back into a trophy. The same thing happens again but Dedede shuts him up and tells him that Tabuu is the real enemy. Bowser then reluctantly joins the groups of heroes. When the rest of the heroes are revived, Bowser finds Ganondorf's trophy and continuously beats it in vengeance and storms off. Bowser then joins the heroes in the fight against Tabuu and they defeat him as well.

Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Super Smash Bros. For Wii U

Bowser's official appearance in Super Smash Bros. For 3DS/Super Smash Bros. For Wii U.

Bowser returns as a playable character in the video games Super Smash Bros. For 3DS and Super Smash Bros. For Wii U. Unlike his more serious Super Smash Bros. Brawl design, Bowser now more closely resembles himself from the Mario games, albeit a bit more feral/aggressive-looking.

Bowser is shown to be more athletic and agile compared to his previous counterparts, as well as stand straight up as opposed to his slouching. He also transforms into Giga Bowser as his Final Smash.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bowser in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Bowser returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While he still transforms into Giga Bowser as his Final Smash, Giga Bowser is much more larger and powerful than before, this time punching a certain area of the screen, instantly causing a KO to anyone who is caught in his punch. His Classic Mode route, titled "The Red One. Every Red One!" has him battling red opponents, ending with him facing against Mario and later Metal Mario.

Other Media

Other Videogame Appearances


In the original Tetris, Bowser makes a cameo appearance with Donkey Kong, Link, Pit, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Samus Aran, playing in a band together to congratulate the player. For the band, Bowser plays the accordion.

In Tetris DS, during the standard mode, a Bowser sprite from the original Super Mario Bros. can be seen on the touch screen in stage ten. Additionally, if the player has between 8,000 to 8,999 Tetris points, and views their points, Bowser's sprite can be seen on the top screen.

The Legend of Zelda series

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a portrait of Bowser and other Mario characters can be seen by looking into one of the windows of the Castle Courtyard. Also, the characters Malon and Talon (the latter bearing an ironic resemblance to Mario), both wear Bowser broaches.

In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Romani and Cremia also wear Bowser broaches.


In F-1 Race, Bowser, along with various other Nintendo characters, waves at the player once they complete a circuit.

In the SNES port of SimCity, one of the various natural disasters the player can cause is a Bowser attack, in which they summon Bowser in the place of one of the various Godzilla-esque monsters. As such, Bowser will trample through and destroy the player's city.

In Pikmin 2, one of the game's many collectible treasures, the "Flame of Tomorrow" matchbox, is emblazoned with Bowser's face and is said to hold "Bowser's Breath" brand matches.

In the Wii U ports of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, the titular character can summon Bowser to attack enemies when wearing the Princess Peach costume, although only his legs and arms are visible.


Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!

Bowser with Peach in the anime movie.

Bowser appears as the main antagonist of the 1986 anime film Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!, (Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! in English). In the film, which serves as an adaptation of the first Super Mario Bros. game, Bowser attempts to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom.

The attempt consists of turning its inhabitants into inanimate objects, even turning Princess Peach's fiancee Haru-ōji (Prince Haru in English) into a dog named Kibidango. Unlike in the game, Bowser also strives to marry Princess Peach, marking the first time any incarnation of Bowser ever had romantic feelings for her.

In the opening of the film, Bowser emerges from Mario's television in pursuit of Princess Peach. Both Mario and the Princess attempt to hold Bowser off, but Mario is easily swatted aside and Peach is captured and dragged back through the television, soon taken back to Bowser's castle.

Partway through the film, Bowser attempts to convince Peach to love him, and she tricks him into using his shapeshifting to transform into various different forms, only to lock him in a chest once he takes the form of a teddy bear. However, Bowser angrily transforms back to his normal self, escaping the chest, and locks Peach in her room.

The next day, Bowser and Peach's wedding commences, much to the latter's dismay. As Bowser anticipates Peach to say "I do", he spots Mario, Luigi and Kibidango outside the window, and grabs Peach, telling the minister Shishi that they will continue the wedding uninterrupted in the next room. Bowser attempts to present an oversized wedding ring to Peach but ends up watching in horror as the castle starts falling apart due to the flooding Luigi accidentally caused.

Bowser rises from the ruins of his destroyed castle with the Princess in his grasp and begins beating down on Mario after he consumes the Mushroom and the Flower power-ups, prepared to kill him with his next move. Peach begs Bowser to spare Mario, even offering to willingly marry him, although, while considering this, Bowser decides that it is more important to destroy Mario before he regains the Star and overthrows him.

Bowser crushes Mario with his foot. However, thanks to Luigi returning the Star to Mario, he gains super strength and pummels Bowser, throwing him away into the distance. Bowser's spells over the Kingdom are then undone, and Princess Peach (to Mario's immense disappointment) is reunited with Prince Haru. During the final scene, Bowser and three of his minions are found working in Mario's Grocery Store.

Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Main article: President Koopa

A much different interpretation of Bowser appears as the main antagonist of the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, portrayed by the late Dennis Hopper. In this version, Bowser, or President Koopa, is the tyrannical ruler of Dinohatten, an alternate universe version of New York City in which humanity evolved from reptiles instead of mammals, who desires to merge the two worlds together and eradicate all mammals.

Wreck-It Ralph

I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me.
~ Bowser in Wreck-it Ralph.

Bowser makes several minor appearances in Disney's 52nd full-length animated feature film Wreck-It Ralph, as the story team could not find a way to properly utilize Mario. In the film, Bowser is a member of the "Bad Guys Anonymous" club, seen in the opening of the film sitting next to Zangief and Dr. Eggman. Bowser listens to Ralph talking about his problems; however, when he states that he does not want to be the bad guy anymore, he breathes flames in shock. Like the other villains, Bowser is seen performing the group's oath and leaves the club afterwards. After Ralph's adventure, Bowser and the other Bad-Anon members are seen at the end of the film listening to Ralph again.

In relation to the film, when Wreck-It Ralph lost the Oscar vote, Bowser apparently used Nintendo of America's Twitter account to tweet "RAWR! Wreck-It Ralph got robbed!". Later, during a San Diego Comic-Con interview, Mario expressed unsubtle jealousy in Bowser being in the film instead of him but stated he still wanted his enemy to be a star, because, that way, he would be less inclined to kidnap the Princess.

Illumination's Super Mario Bros.

Bowser is set to appear in Illumination Entertainment's 2022 upcoming Super Mario Bros. film, where he will be voiced by Jack Black.


Main article: King Koopa (Mario Cartoons)

King Koopa appears as the main antagonist of all three DiC Mario cartoons, voiced by the late Harvey Atkin. In all three series', King Koopa would enact various plots to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and destroy the Mario Brothers, only to be consistently foiled in the end. During the first series, The Super Mario Brothers Super Show, King Koopa had already conquered the majority of the Mushroom Kingdom, leaving Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad to search for ways to defeat him whilst liberating or saving different areas of the Kingdom from him.

Unique to this series alone, King Koopa would often adopt various aliases or disguises when executing one of his schemes, somewhat like King K. Rool. In the following series, King Koopa lost his control over the Mushroom Kingdom and plotted to regain it, now with the assistance of the Koopa Kids. King Koopa, in live-action form, would also appear as the main antagonist of the short-lived spinoff series King Koopa's Kool Kartoons, in which he and his minions take over a TV studio and broadcast cartoons while giving out prizes to children.

How It Should Have Ended

Bowser appeared as the main antagonist in How Mario Should Have Ended and a minor character in most episodes of HISHE series.




Bowsette or Koopa-Hime [(Japanese: クッパ姫 & English: Princess Koopa)], is a fan-made form of Bowser which was created by the Internet.

On September 13, 2018 Nintendo created their new trailer for the video game New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. In the trailer, a new power is seen for Toadette named the Super Crown. When Toadette uses this power-up, it makes Toadette turn into a hybrid of herself and Princess Peach called "Peachette".

After the trailer, On September 19, 2018, an Malaysian artist known by the names Ayyk92 and Haniwa, posted a comic on Twitter, from which Bowsette originates. In the comic, Bowser and Mario both get rejected by Peach, which makes Bowser take the Super Crown and transform into Peach, After which Mario and Bowsette get together to make Peach jealous.

Despite being a fan-made character, it was Nintendo that has indirectly spawned the original character amongst the Nintendo community as their introduction of the “Super Crown” in New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.

The popularity of the character also spawned new gender-bender characters like King Boo's Princess Booette, False Princess Peach and Chain Chompette.

Doug Bowser

Bowser meets Bowser.png

After former Nintendo of America president Reggie FIls-Aime retired from his position, the next president hired was a man named Doug Bowser. Nintendo fans quickly memed the fact that the new president of Nintendo of America is named "Bowser". Nintendo themselves also acknowledged this coincidence during E3 2019 when their conference began with a gag where Bowser crashed the event briefly before Doug Bowser appeared and told Bowser that "[He's] the right Bowser for this presentation", after which Bowser left confused.